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Français Essence – Silverstone Classic

Today’s post has a Gallic flavour focusing on the French cars at last weekends Silverstone Classic meeting.

Citroën 2CV6's, Silverstone Classic

Taking drivers twixt national and international paddocks was a fleet of Citroën 2CV6’s belonging to 2CV Adventures, an exciting new start up offering bespoke organised tours in a fleet of 15 Red and White 2CV6’s.

Martini Mk37, Jacobs, Brian Henton Trophy Silverstone Classic

The Brian Henton Trophy for Formula 3 cars brought me my first opportunity to see Martini Formula 3 cars in action, thanks to the control tyres used in British Formula 3, Martini Formula 3 cars rarely appeared in Britain except for the European Championship races. Above is a 1982 Alfa Romeo powered Martini Mk37, driven by Ian Jacobs, with body work indicating it may have been raced in period by Gerhard Berger for Josef Kaufmann to a third place finish in the 1982 German F3 championship on his meteoric rise to becoming a ten time Grand Prix winner.

Martini Mk39, Stretton, Brian Henton Trophy Silverstone Classic

For 1983 Martini tidied up the Mk37 in particular from the exterior the safety roll bar lost it’s long rear stay, the bodywork lost it’s perspex ‘window’ and the nose became more rounded to become the Mk39. Martin Stretton is seen above driving a Mk39 to second place in the Brian Henton Trophy, with bodywork indicating it may have been originally driven by 1983 French Formula Three champion Michel Ferté.

Renault, Vauxhall, Nissan, Jet Super Touring Car Trophy, Silverstone Classic

1999 was the final year in which Williams Grand Prix Engineering operated a Touring Car Team in the British Turing Car Championship for Renault. The 1999 #37 Williams Renault Laguna driven by Simon Garrad leads; the 1998 #98 Vauxhall Vectra driven by John Cleland and 1999 #23 Nissan Primera driven by Derek Palmer in a scrap for third place in the Jet Super Touring Car Trophy that was won by Cleland in the Vauxhall.

Talbot Lago T26SS, Pilkington, Maserati Centenary Trophy

Having competed in the 1938 Mille Miglia, Le Mans 24 Hours and French Grand Prix against no less an opposition than the Silver Arrows Richard Pilkington’s #5 Talbot Lago T26, which I looked at in June, can probably lay claim to being one of the most versatile international racing cars of all time.

Courage C26S, Kjallgren, Silverstone Classic

Finally representing French honour in the early evening Group C race was the 1991 Porsche powered Courage C26S driven by Georg Kjallgren, carrying body work suggesting it might be chassis #07 driven to an 11th place finish in the 1991 Le Mans 24 Hours by Lionel Robert, François Migault and Jean-Daniel Raulet.

Thanks for joining me on this “Français Essence” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow for a look at the Silverstone Classic in further detail. Don’t forget to come back now !


Exécuter Classique – Chipping Sodbury

This weeks French themed blog returns to Chipping Sodbury for a look at some of the cars from our the land of our closest neighbours.

Donnet G2 Torpedo Lux, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Donnet is not a manufacturer I recall coming accross before by 1927 the company was based in Paris and this is a 1927 G2 Torpedo Lux model that on the evidence of the tax discs on display was imported new into the UK.

Renault 4cv, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The occupants of this 1953 750 cc / 41.5 cui “La Motte de beurre” Renault 4cv got right into the spirit of their cars cultural heritage and dressed in stripey Bretton shirts and bore strings of garlic.

Citroën Dyane, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Launched in 1967 to replace the Citroën 2CV which dated back to 1948, the production of nearly one and a half million Citroën Dyanes came to a stop in 1983, while production of the 2CV carried on until 1990. The Dyane 6 seen here was built in 1979.

Citroën CX Gti Turbo, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The Citroën CX was launched in 1974 and the following year it was voted European Car of the Year. This is a range topping Gti Turbo model built in 1985, six years before production of nearly 1.2 million CXs came to a halt.

Citroën 2CV6, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Described by one esteemed journalist as “ruthlessly practical”, for me an ex multiple Citroën 2CV6 owner, they never fail bring a smile to my face when ever I them. Back in the day whenever I was on holiday in France I made a point of spending at least one afternoon in a scrap yard looking for 1960’s 2CV aluminium grills of the type seen on this 1987 example, if I could find enough of them in an afternoon the profit would usually cover my petrol costs for the whole journey.

Citroën DS20, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Voted third in the 1999 Classic & Sports Car ‘Car of the Century’ pole the Citroën DS went into production in 1955 and came to an end 1.5 million units later in 1975.

Thanks for joining me on this “Exécuter Classique” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at some of the British cars on the Chipping Sodbury Classic Run. Don’t forget to come back now !