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Bertones Czech Brief – Škoda Favorit Pick-up

From the late 1950’s until 1987 Škoda had been best known for building cars with the engine in the boot trunk which culminated in the 130L / Estelle series.

Škoda Favorit Pick-up, Mdina, Malta

The front engine front wheel drive Favorit concept was originally approved by Škoda’s owners the Czechoslovakian government in 1982 with Nuccio Bertone being given the brief for the design. The first hatchback Favorit’s were seen in 1987. The Pick Up (Type 787) did not arrive until 1991 by which time Volkswagen had replaced the Czech government as owners of the company.

Škoda Favorit, Pick-up, Mdina, Malta

The Favorit name was first used by Škoda for a saloon / sedan in 1936.

Škoda Favorit Pick-up, Mdina, Malta

Volkswagen were quick to make improvements to the quality and trim levels of the Favorit while the all new Felicia model was developed. The Felicia Pick up replaced the Favorit Pick Up in 1995.

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