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Goodwood Revival 2012 – #6 Lotus

Today’s post features some of the Lotus cars that were on track at Goodwood Revival last week.

Lotus Ford 30, Goodwood Revival

The looks and early form of the Lotus 30 flattered to deceive even with Jim Clark at the wheel, this one driven by Paul Wright features the cool exhausts coming out of the top and is one of the few whose lines have not been spoiled with a rear spoiler.

Lotus Ford 29, Goodwood Revival

Dan Gurney played an instrumental part in taking Lotus to Indy in 1963, this is the Lotus Ford 29 chassis #29/2 Dan used in practice for the 1963 Indy 500 until he put in the wall during morning practice on Pole Day. Dan qualified the spare chassis #29/1 running the #93 12th and finished the race in 7th place after a late pit stop dropped him from 3rd.

Lotus Climax 24, Goodwood Revival

Lotus designed the space frame Lotus 24 for it’s customers in 1962, while keeping back the new monocoque Lotus 25 for the works team. The Climax powered #23 driven by Michel Wanty above is chassis #942 which was one of two supplied to the British Racing Partnership Team racing under the UDT Lystall banner for Innes Ireland and Marsten Gregory to drive. Gregory drove the car once to a 7th place finish in the ’62 British Grand Prix while Ireland retired the car in five from seven races started before finishing 5th in the South African Grand Prix.

Lotus BRM 24, Goodwood Revival

British Racing Partnerships also used a BRM powered Lotus 24 in 1962 with which Gregory managed a best 6th place in the ’62 US Grand Prix, the following season BRP fielded two BRM powered Lotus 24 for Ireland and Jim Hall, Jim finished 6th in the British and 5th in the German Grand Prix. The Lotus BRM 24 driven above by Nigel Williams is chassis #P1 which was supplied to the Reg Parnell Racing team for 1963. Marsten Gregory, Roger Ward, Hap Sharp and Chris Amon all had a go in it with Sharp scoring a best 7th place in the 1963 Mexican Grand Prix. The following season Peter Revson drove the car now fitted with bodywork from a 1963 Lola Mk4A, as seen above, for Parnell on two occasions in Belgium and Britain without any worthwhile results.

Lotus Climax 21, Goodwood Revival

Dan Collins was out in the Classic Team Lotus entered Lotus Climax 21 #933 which I looked at in December.

Lotus 18, Goodwood Revival

Rob Walkers famous Lotus Climax 18 chassis #912 used by Stirling Moss to win the 1960 and 1961 Monaco Grand Prix was being driven by Stephen Bond.

Lotus 16, Goodwood Revival

Entered by Real Auto Club Catalunya was the Lotus 16 driven by Joachim Foch-Rusinol seen here blasting past the 1959 Tec Mec Maserati 250F at St Mary’s corner. The 1959 Lotus 16 was Colin Chapman’s second seat design after the 1956 Lotus 12.

Lotus Bristol X, Goodwood Revival

Finally the 1955 Lotus Bristol X driven by Malcolm Paul and Rick Bourne, who is seen at the wheel here, charges into the evening during the Freddie March Memorial Trophy race to a 6th place finish.

My thanks to Wouter Melisson from The Nostalgia Forum and http://www.ultimatecarpage.com for his help identifying Michel Wanty’s Lola Mk4A bodied Lotus 24.

Thanks for joining me on this “#6 Lotus Edition” of “Gettin a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me tomorrow for a look at what happens when a dictatorship put’s all the necessary resources into the hands of a couple of racing teams. Don’t forget to come back now !


Classic Team Lotus – Lotus Climax 21 #933

As we saw a couple of weeks ago Stirling Moss drove a privately entered Lotus 18 to the Lotus marques first Grand Prix victory in a Lotus 18 in 1960, Moss used the same car to win three more Grand Prix in 1960 and 1961.

Lotus Climax 21,

It was not until the end of the 1961 season that the works Team Lotus scored their first Grand Prix victory in the season finale at Watkins Glen. Innes Ireland driving a Lotus 21 similar to the one above held off Dan Gurney in Porsche to win the US Grand Prix.

The 1.5 litre / 91.5 cui 4 cylinder Coventry Climax powered Lotus 21 was a development of the Lotus 18 Stirling Moss had used to challenge the dominant Ferrari team with in 1961. Some of the parts of the 21 are interchangeable with the older 18 and some 18’s were run in 18/21 spec.

Ten Lotus 21 chassis were built in 1961 5 were destroyed in period with an 11th replacement chassis being built in 1964.

Dan Collins is seen above at the Goodwood Revival in his Lotus Climax 21 chassis #933 which is entered and maintained by Classic Team Lotus.

My thanks to David McKinnley at The Nostalgia Forum for his background information and Andy Arnold for informing me of the chassis number.

Thanks for joining me on this Classic Team Lotus edition of ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’. I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !

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From way back in the USSR – GAZ 21

Today’s post is dedicated to my friends at TNF, Alexander, Robert S and Alexey who last week unwittingly conspired to introduce me to the delights of Russian Truck Cross.

I don’t have any pictures of Russian trucks but I did find these pictures of a GAZ 21 in my archive taken at the old East /West German border crossing at Marienborn on the A2 between Hannover and Berlin. The GAZ 21 was designed by Lev Yeremeev who appears to have taken his styling queues from the ’52 – ’56 Ford Mainline.

The three series of this model were in production from 1956 – 1970 powered by either a 2,445 cc / 149 cui 4 cylinder engine or in a few cases by a 5520 cc / 336 cui V8. These vehicles were used as taxi cabs, police interceptors and estate versions, known as GAZ 22’s were used as ambulances.

Thanks for dropping by and as they might say in Russia, Не забудьте вернуться сейчас!

PS some fab pics of GAZ 21’s on the race circuit here.

Correction : it turns out that the V8 cars mentioned above were made for the KGB and actually known as GAZ 23’s with more or less identical bodies to the GAZ 21 in order not to attract any attention from the observed populace. Thanks to Alexander for the new information.