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The Great Ferraris – The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering

A couple of weeks ago Geoffrey Horton took part in The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering Concours d’Elegance, here are a few pictures of The Great Ferraris Geoffrey has kindly shared with us.

Ferrari 166 Inter, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

Among the oldest of the Ferraris present was chassis #043S a 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter Touring Coupé of which 37 were built between 1948 and 1951.

Ferrari 212 Inter, Pininfarina Convertible, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

The Ferrari 212 Inter Pininfarina Convertible above is one of two built for Ferrari to show in the 1952 Auto Salons, chassis #0235EU, above, is left hand drive while the other is right hand drive. Among it’s owners this car counts Tony Parravano and the film director Roberto Rossellini who entered the car in the 1953 Nurburgring sports car race where it finished ninth driven by journalist Maurice Gatsonides and Ricardo Vignolo.

Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale Coupé, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

Up for auction was the 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale chassis #0313EU which appeared at the 1954 New York Auto Show. The car fetched US$ 2.8 million / £1.8, possibly a bargain for what many consider one of the most attractive Ferrari’s ever built.

Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

Dick Morgensen bought this Ferrari 250 TR chassis #0756 TR in late 1958 and raced it to victory lane on at least eight occasions between 1959 and 1960. The car has been owned by it’s present owner Chris Cox from North Carolina since 2008.

Ferrari Enzo, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

Jumping forward to the start of the millenium above is one of 401 Ferrari Enzos built between 2002 and 2004.

Ferrari P 4/5, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

Costing a cool US$ 4 million to build is the one off Ferrari P4/5 by Pinninfarina which was built around the last Ferrari Enzo to be produced for James Glickenhaus. Upon taking delivery of the restyled car the owner said “I feel they gave me more than I expected”.

Ferrari F12berlinetta, The Great Ferraris, The Quail

The Ferrari F12berlinetta replaced the Ferrari 599 series last year, it’s 6.2 litre / 382 cui V12 produces 730 hp the same as a 1970 Can Am car !

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for sharing his photo’s of of which will be seen next Wednesday.

Thanks for joining me on this “The Great Ferraris edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres”, I hope you will join me again tomorrow for a look at possibly the greatest Can Am car of all time. Don’t forget to come back now !