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Pillarless Coupé – BMW 327/28

The BMW 327 was a short chassis version of the BMW 326 manufactured originally in cabriolet form in 1937 and from 1938 it was also available as a Coupé.

BMW 327/28, Palo Alto

The 327 built with either a standard 55 hp 6 cylinder motor as used in the BMW 326 or with the 80 hp from the higher state of tune 6 cylinder found in the BMW 328. Cars supplied with 80 hp motors like the one in Geoffrey Horton’s photographs taken at Palo Alto are known as BMW 327/28 models.

BMW 327/28, Palo Alto

This pillarless coupé is one of just two known to have been built from more than 560 cars built with pillars until 1940. It was acquired by a US serviceman in Germany in 1958 who shipped it to NY and then drove it to California where it has remained, changing ownership just once since then.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for the fabulous photo’s.

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