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Nuova Balilla – FIAT 508C

The FIAT 508C replaced the earlier 508, 508S and 508B models in 1937, 508C’s are also variously known as Nuova Balilla’s and 1100 in deference to their 1089 cc / 66 cui motor 4 cylinder motors producing 30 hp in standard spec and 40 hp in sporting CMM spec.

FIAT 508C, Cyril Hancock, VSCC Loton Park,

The FIAT 500 Topolino like styling of the 508C is credited to Dante Giacosa who was responsible for styling both models.

Modestly priced with independent front suspension and four speed gearbox the 508C was considered both a peoples car and a drivers car.

Cyril Hancock’s example seen above at Loton Park is a 1938 model first registered in the UK on March 3rd 1938.

With minor restyling and the 1100B name more popularly known as the “big nose” or ‘1100 musone’ in Italian production continued until the outbreak of hostilities.

Production of the 508C resumed after the ’39-’45 hostilities, with further modifications, in 1949. The post war model became the 1100E which remained in production until 1953.

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