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Unlisted – Bristol Blemheim S4

Every once in a while I stumble across a car that stands out from all the others of the marque for no discernible reason that I can accurately pin point. The Bristol Blenheim S4 pictured below at the Bristol Owners Club Concours d’Elegance last year, is one such vehicle that ever since I have seen it I immediately associate with the Bristol marque in much the same way as I associate big red buses with London.

Bristol Blenheim S4, Greenwich C d'E

Bearing a superficial resemblance to earlier Blenheim models this S4 has subtle alterations to every single panel, each shaped in aluminium with an english wheel, save those at the front and rear which are made from kevlar.

Bristol Blenheim S4, Greenwich C d'E

Power comes courtesy of a 5.9 litre / 360 cui dual fuel Chrysler derived V8 good enough to propel this nearly 4000 lb vehicle from rest to 60 mph in around 6 seconds, considerably less time than it took me to write this sentence !

Bristol Blenheim S4, Greenwich C d'E

Yet for all of it’s impressive size and performance it would be so easy to simply not notice the car at all, it simply refuses to scream it’s presence in the way an Italian car with similar capabilities would almost certainly do, and that is perhaps why I love Bristol Cars so much they are understated yet more than a match for most.

Bristol Blenheim S4, Greenwich C d'E

The interior of the S4 is significantly tidied up over previous Blenheim models with a walnut dash and Connolly leather seats.

Bristol Blenheim S4, Greenwich C d'E

The S4 is the only Blenheim to feature rear proprietary lights from Audi, giving the rear end a fresh look. Amazingly the S4 is no where to be found in Bristol Cars Sales literature, it is a one off ordered and built to the customers exacting specifications in 2009, this S4 represents a zenith on the arc of development for the Blenheim which traces it’s ancestry back to the 603 model first built in 1976. A unique car regrettably with a terminal place in the production history of Bristol Cars.

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Meridian Date – Bristol Concours d’Elegance

Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Yesterday I travelled 2 degrees, 35 mins 45.25 seconds East to the Meridian line at Greenwich in London with Florian, my guest from France, to see the Bristol Concour’s d’Elegance, where a fine selection of Bristol Cars and a single Fraser Nash BMW, representing over 60 years of automotive history was accumulating in the grounds of the Old Naval College.

Frazer Nash BMW 321, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Oldest car at the show was this 1939 Frazer Nash BMW 321, Frazer Nash were in partnership with the Bristol Aircraft Company when the latter diversified into the automotive market after WW2.

Bristol 400, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Several Bristol 400‘s, the manufacturers first model, were present all in immaculate condition, this 1971cc, 120 cui six cylinder being maintained by Bristol Owners Club (BOC) member Derek Hughes.

Bristol 402, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Among many Bristol models I saw for the first time was the 402 of which only 23 examples were built, this one belonging to Richard Weale.

Arnolt Bristol, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

I know the father of one GALPOT regular used to race an Arnolt Bristol so it was a particular thrill to see and above all hear this car being started up by Kenneth Andrén who brought his car over from Sweden.

Bristol 406, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

There were several Bristol 406’s, which featured roof mounted indicator lights, present this one belonging to Edward Anderson.

Bristol 407, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Chrysler supplied the motor’s for all Bristol models starting with the 407 in 1961, this is the 6277 cc / 383 cui big block Chysler B series V8 fitted to the 411 Series 2 belonging to Jamie Davenport.

Bristol 603, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

In 1976 the 603 model was introduced a car that owed no heritage at all to the Bristol 407 that had been continually upgraded from 1961 and formed the basis of a succession of new models. This is the cockpit of the 603E belonging to Fergus Taylor-Gregg.

Bristol Blenhiem, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Newest of the Bristol’s present was the 2009 Blenhiem Series 4 of Richard Levine.

Bristol 407 Viotti, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

91 year old Bristol Works Director, until the factory closed earlier this year, the sprightly Syd Lovesy was amongst those who handed out the prizes at the end of the day. Syd is seen here with Richard Vaughan and the unique 1963 Bristol Viotti 407 styling exercise that once belonged to comic actor Peter Sellers.

Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Concours d’Elegance award winning cars included the 400 of Ashley James, the 403 of John Manley, the 405 of Cyril Milward, the 411 Series 2 of Jamie Davenport, a 412, the Arnolt of Kenneth Andrén, and the last one I can positively identify in the line the Fraser Nash BMW 321.

Arnolt Bristol, Bristol C'dE, Greenwich

Car of the day for me was definitely the Arnolt, hats off to Kenneth bring this car over from Sweden, thanks to everyone at the Bristol Owners Club who made this a day for Florian and I to remember.

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