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Otto Vú – FIAT 8V

It is believed work commenced on the 2 litre FIAT Tipo 106 70° V8 design credited to Dante Giacosa in 1945.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

The engine which was manufactured in 105, 115 or extremely rare 120 hp variants was only used for the 8V model in FIAT’s range, but was notably also adopted by SIATA for their 208S model.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

8V’s, so called because Ford held the copyrights to the V8 name, were fitted into a tube frame chassis with independent suspension taken form the contemporary FIAT 1100 parts bin.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

Bodywork for the 114 8V’s, also known as Otto Vú’s, was primarily farmed out to a variety of coach builders including Zagato, Ghia and Vignale although 34 had bodywork designed by FIAT’s Fabio Luigi Rapi and made by FIAT’s Reparto Carrozzerie Speciali.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

While the production numbers were extremely low, by FIAT’s standards, they were built in sufficient numbers to qualify for use in GT competition where they enjoyed many successes.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

Among those successes were Elio Zagato’s, from the coach building company, outright victories in the 3 hour race at Bari in 1954, repeated in 1955 by Carlo Siciliani on the same event and a win in the 1955 Berlin Grand Prix, drivers of 8V’s won the Italian under 2 litre GT championships up to and including 1959.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

The example seen here at last years Silverstone Classic is a 1954 MkII Berlinetta one of just 28 with the later version of Rapi’s bodywork built by Reparto Carrozzerie Speciali, it has been restored by Ian Nuttall of IN Racing in Nottingham.

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Classic Details – Silverstone Classic

Today’s post features a handful of details seen at last weeks Silverstone Classic meeting.

FIAT 8V, Silverstone Classic

FIAT have only ever built one V8 motor for it’s passenger cars and that was a 70° 2 litre / 122 cui built from 1952 to 1954 which is almost as well known for being installed in the Siata 208S Roadster and 400F Coupé as it is in the 1954 FIAT chassis seen here.

Morris Commercial, Silverstone Classic

In 1949 Morris Commercial introduced it’s new J-Type and the Ice Cream van seen here was registered in April of the same year which must make it one of the earliest survivors. Production of the J Type, rebranded simply as a Morris after the 1952 merger with Austin, continued until 1961.

Lotus 76, Silverstone Classic

One of the many sensational features of the 1974 Lotus 76 when it was launched was a system of four foot pedals and an electronically operated push button clutch. The four pedals a seen above accelerator on the left in the photo, two brake pedals and a ‘normal’ clutch pedal, on the right in the photo, required to get the car in motion.

Porsche 911 GT1, Silverstone Classic

One of the great features of the Silverstone Classic this year were the three 25 minuet demonstration sessions given to the 1990’s GT cars, amazingly Porsche Cars Great Britain turned up with the 1998 Le Mans winning #26 Porsche 911 GT1 with current Porsche works driver Brendan Hartley to drive it.

de Tomaso FJ, Silverstone Classic

Webber carburetors were the fuel delivery system of choice until reliable fuel injection started becoming de riguer in competition vehicles going into the 1970’s, those caged above are seen in a 1964 de Tomaso Formula Junior car.

Bizzarini GT, Silverstone Classic

There were three Corvette powered vehicles designed Coupe’s on the grid for the Chopard International Trophy pre ’66 GT car grid two of them were Iso Grifo A3C competition cars and one a car built as a street legal 1965 Bizzarini 5300 GT Strada, seen above, raced by New Zealander Roger Wills.

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