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Sturdy, Powerful and Foolproof – Porsche Diesel Junior AP 108

Dr Ferdinand Porsche looked at agricultural applications of his products as early as 1914 when he used a military Austro Daimler vehicle to plough fields at the Austro Daimler works.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

By 1937 Ferdinand had noted that “Tractors must have a low purchase price. Secondly, they must have low maintenance cost. Thirdly, they must be of universal application in agriculture. Sturdy, powerful and foolproof” in a list of criteria for an agricultural vehicle that was to become known as the ‘Volksschlepper’ for which many prototypes were built, but never went into production.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

By the 1950’s Porsche had designed a range of four air cooled diesel powered tractors producing 14 – 50 hp with the advantage of all the motors being multiples of the basic 1 cylinder 14hp design meaning all the parts including cylinders, pistons and cylinder heads were interchangeable.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

Porsche initially sold the production rights to a German Company called Allgaier who marketed their vehicles as Allgaier – System Porsches, and the Austrian manufacturer Hofherr Schrantz who’s products were marketed as Hofherr Schrantz – System Porsches.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

Mannesmann AG bought the Allgaier – System Porsche rights in 1956 and converted the former Zepplin works at Fredrichshafen, Lake Konstanz in to a state of the art facility at which 20,000 units were manufactured in 1958. Production at the plant ceased in 1963 when the facility was turned over to the production of motors for military motors for use in NATO vehicles.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

In part to meet the fool proof criteria and in part because the tractor operates most efficiently at constant revs a fluid transmission commissioned from Voith, based on their marine transmissions, for Porsche Diesel tractors, a feature well ahead of the development curve of other tractor manufacturers of the period.

Porsche Diesel Junior AP108, Silverstone Classic, Siverstone

Today’s 1958 Junior fitted with a single cylinder 822 cc / 50 cui 14hp motor is one of the 125,000 Porsche-Diesel tractors produced at the Mannesmann AG facility between 1956 and 1963, when an arrangement was reached with Renault to continue servicing them world wide.

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To Roll And Not to Rock – Silverstone Classic

Thanks to my friend Caroline lending me her Audi Convertible for one last time I managed to cram a substantial part of what was happening at the Silverstone Classic this weekend into just one 10 hour visit.

Allgaier Porsche, Silverstone Classic

If you like discovering vehicles you never new existed the Silverstone Classic is just the place for you, amongst many vehicles I have never seen before are this streamlined Porsche ‘Diesel’ powered Allgaier agricultural vehicle.

Roger Willis, Mercury Cyclone, Silverstone Classic

Unfortunately my visit coincided with qualification sessions only, Roger Willis, seen here, shared this Mercury Cyclone with 1966 British Saloon Car Champion John Fitzpatrick making a welcome change to a field dominated by Mustangs, Galaxies and a couple of Jags all of varying 1960’s vintages.

Vauxhall Ventora, Silverstone Classic

The Vauxhall Ventora on which this cut down funny car is loosely based was a 4 door saloon / sedan by a General Motors owned marque.

JAH 1L, Silverstone Classic

This well known transporter reg JAH 1L was in use by Team Lotus from 1973 until the 1980’s is painted here in it’s original 1973 John Player Special colour scheme.

March 2 4 0, Silverstone Classic

I was disappointed not to see the CGA Engineering March 761 out but this 1977 spec Formula 1 March 2 4 0 more than made up for it. Allegedly the car was built as a publicity stunt, it never raced but was used to good effect on hill climbing events.

Nippy, Sentinel, Silverstone Classic

Six wheel vehicles, and steam powered vehicles were very much in evidence at Silverstone, found the idea of having this Sentinel steam powered truck delivering tea quite amusing.

Foden 6x6 DROPS, Silverstone Classic

I believe the brave lads from the British Army had the tallest vehicle present, I believe this is a Foden 6×6 DROPS vehicle, the Foden marque has disappeared as has a significant contingent of the British Forces.

Berkley, Silverstone Classic

At the other end of the scale one of the smaller, electric kiddy Land Rover was the smallest , 4 wheel vehicles I saw was this 1959 Berkley.

Bob Berridge, Sauber C11, Silverstone Classic

Rain added a little authenticity to the late Group C practice session which was only about 20mins long, I could have stayed out all night listening to the mighty roar that eminates from the Sauber C11 of Bob Berridge by far the best sounding and looking Group C ever IMHO.

Aston DB2/4, Touring, Silverstone Classic

Car of the day for me was this 1953 Touring Aston DB2/4 I believe the RHD is a giveaway that this car was won by a Mr Smith who responded to a newspaper competition to sum up the cars design with a catch phrase.

Even if I had been camping I probably would have been too exhausted to catch the line up of tribute bands on the first night of the Silverstone Classic festival I guess all of my passion is focused on cars and very little of it on music.

PS It would appear NASCAR contractors who prefer to settle their differences in pit row rather than on track might want to take a leaf out of events that unfolded at the Silverstone Classic in the pit lane. See linked story by Tony ‘Giraffe’ Gallagher.

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