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Heads and Tails Triumph – GALPOT Automobilia

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a clear out whilst reorganising my library and the time has come to dispose of a number of items which may be of interest through my lightpress account on e-bay.

Triumph 2000, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

From this weeks collection of advertisements appearing in Connaissance des arts Magazine that I posted this week is this Triumph 2000 ad from 1966 featuring a long since obsolete half crown coin balanced on the bonnet hood of a car alluding to the smoothness of the 2 litre / 122 cui straight six motor. The strap line approximately translates as “a piece (of) conviction!.”

Triumph 2500 PI MK2, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

Four years later a Mark 2 version of the big Triumph was available know as the 2500 PI MK2 which had a Lucas fuel injected 2.5 litre 142.4 cui motor. Brian Culcheth and Johnstone Syer drove won to second place in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally, which GLAPOT regulars may remember was won by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm driving a Ford Escort. The strap line to the ad approximately translates as “Triumph are cars (for the) father (of the) family. They will never reach Mexico. ”

Volvo Amazon, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

I don’t believe there has ever been any questioning of the solidity of a Volvo built to withstand harsh Scandinavian winters and rough summer time roads, the strap line for this ad featuring a 1965 Volvo Amazon reads “The service is the car”.

Volvo 144, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

While working for a Volvo dealer in London I acquired a fair number of clapped out Volvo 140’s and enjoyed running them into the ground before sending them to the scrap dealer, the strap line for this ad translates as “Volvo: heads and tails”.

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Swedish Tease – Volvo 1800 ES

In 1956 Volvo launched a sports car the P1900 a fibreglass bodied roadster, inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette, if you have never heard of it, or seen it, that is because the P1900 was a disaster so bad that after using one on a holiday weekend incoming Volvo President Gunnar Engellau cancelled further production after just 68 units had been produced.

Volvo 1800ES, Cotswolds MM

Volvo’s next attempt to crack the sports car market hinged on a design by Italian design house Pietro Frua called the P1800. In 2009 Volvo admitted that there Italian designed car was actually designed by a Swede working at Frua called Pelle Petterson who’s father had designed the Volvo PV444.

The P1800 was eventually launched in 1961, with the same engine as used in the Volvo Amazon series, making the model 50 years old this year along with the much cheaper Renault 4 and slightly cheaper E-Type Jaguar. Originally scheduled to be built by Karmann in Osnabruck Germany until Karmann’s biggest customer Volkswagen intervened with an emphatic ‘Nein’ the P1800 was initially produced under contract by Jensen. After quality issues emerged production transferred from the UK to Sweden with the introduction of P1800 S which featured a larger 118 hp motor.

Volvo P1800ES, Cotswold MM

In 1970 the P 1800 E was introduced with fuel injection and in 1972 the last of the P1800 models, P1800 ES seen here, was launched with a novel one piece rear glass tailgate which transformed the coupé into a versatile eye catching shooting brake for which designer Jan Wilsgaard was responsible.

The P 1800 like many contemporary models was killed off my the 1974 US safety and emissions regulations, with some 39,407 Coupé and 8,077 Shooting Brakes built the P1800 was considered a far greater success than it’s predecessor. My overwhelmimg memory of driving P1800 models is that despite being 6′ tall I had the feeling I was sitting in a very deep bath tub and had a great deal of difficulty determining where the corners of the car were when shuffling these models through cramped garage space.

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Bi- Parting Tailgate – Volvo Amazon Estate / Station Wagon

Last week I looked at the Volvo Amazon, no sooner had I written the blog than I came across this Estate / Station Wagon version with Dutch plates.

Volvo Amazon, Silverstone Classic

Unlike most modern vehicles of this type the Amazon had a two piece tailgate, the bottom half opens down to form a loading platform while the top half opens up a feature common to many US Estate Station wagons. Like the Mini introduced in 1959 the rear licence plate is conveniently hinged at the top so that one can carry longer loads with the tailgate down without attracting the ire of traffic law enforcement agencies.

Volvo Amazon, Silverstone Classic

The Amazon Estate / Station wagon was launched in 1962 seven years after the original Amazon Saloon / Sedan, and shared with it’s 3 box sibling body work made of phosphate treated steel to improve paint adhesion and heavy use of undercoat and anti corrosive oil treatment.

Volvo Amazon, Silverstone Classic

Between 1962 and 1969 Volvo manufactured 73,000 Amazon Estate / Station wagons.

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Design Mash Up – Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

Looking back it is a sobering thought that when my four grand parents were born at the turn of the 20th century the invention of motorcar was somewhere between 10 and 15 years old and of them neither of my grand mothers ever learned to drive and only one of my grandfathers ever owned a private car and that only for five years before he died aged 63.

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

Nearly 60 years later I on the other hand was lucky enough to be born into the age of mass consumption by the time I was just four my parents not only had their first new car but all of their friends had new cars too !

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

Of those friends my parents had I soon adopted two, Ted and Syd, as my Uncles, both drove brand new grey 2 door Volvo 120 Amazons which had a factory code 131 denoting 2 door single carb versions.

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

Volvo’s original intention was to call the model Amason, however manufacturers, of one of the most irritating sounding 2 strokes ever, Kreidler already had the Amason name registered and so the name Volvo Amason was restricted to Sweden by agreement.

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

In today’s parlance the Amazon design would probably known as a design mash up with the bonnet lines seemingly inspired by the 2nd generation Chrysler New Yorker, the grill design seemingly from the 1955 Chrysler C-300 though designer Jan Wilsgaard claims he was inspired by a Kaiser Manhattan he saw in the docks in Gothenburg. Interesting strap line for the linked Kaiser advertisement in the light of Volvo’s reputation from 1959 until the late 1990’s.

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

During a production run of over 600, 000 units produced in Sweden, Belgium, Canada, South Africa and Chile from 1956 to 1970, in 1959 the Amazon became the first car to be fitted with three point front seat belts as standard. The seat belts fitted in Uncle Ted & Syds cars encouraged my folks to get some after market seat belts for our more modest Austin A40 Countryman, an act that probably saved their lives a year or two later when we were involved in a 30 mph collision with the side of a truck.

Volvo 120 Amazon (131)

After 3 years of abuse at BBQ’s on the beaches of Larnica, Cyprus most Sundays and nearly 25 years further good service the last time I saw Uncle Syds Amazon it was rapidly deteriorating into a rust bubble in the mid 1980’s despite the fact that the engine was other wise mechanically sound. The 1970 model shown here seems to have faired considerably better.

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