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DIY Bakkie – Ford P100

In 1971 Ford in South Africa built a version of the 2 door Ford Cortina Mk III with a pick up body on the back marketed as the Ford Cortina Pickup and known locally as the “Bakkie”.

The Bakkie utilised a modified Cortina floor pan with a ladder frame to carry the rear load carrying body and initially used Rover 5 stud hubs, post 1988 examples were fitted with Ford Granada front axles with 5 stud adaptors and 5 stud Ford Transit rear axles.

Ford P100, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham,

In 1977 the Bakkie was up graded with an adapted Cortina Mk IV body which used the shorter doors from the 4 door body and from 1980 adapted Cortina Mk V bodies were used.

Ford P100, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham,

From 1982 the Bakkie was rebranded as the P100 model and exported from South Africa to Europe and remained in production with the Cortina Mk V body until 1988.

In 1988 the P100 received a final upgrade utilising the Sierra body and production of the P100 for the European market switched to Portugal until 1993.

Ford P100, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham,

This particular 1987 Ford P100, seen at the Classic Motor Show a couple of years ago, originally carried a Ford Cortina Mk V front end, but it has been modified to carry older Cortina Mark III wings, bonnet and nose.

A newer Sierra P100 pick up body has been added to the back and it is powered by a Ford Cologne 2.9 litre / 176 cui V6 as used to power the later Ford Granada/Scopio models, the interior includes Porsche 944 seats.

Thanks for joining me on this “DIY Bakkie” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !