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Aeronautical Heritage – Mackson 500 F3

The Mackson 500 F3 came about through a short lived collaboration that started in 1951 between constructor “Mac” McGee and aeronautical engineer Gordon Bedson who’s curriculum vitae included working for Vickers Armstrong on the ultra modern Valiant jet bomber.

The Mackson was built in Guildford Surrey with a tubular frame, independent front wishbone suspension and swing axle rear and fitted with the latest Dunlop alloy wheels.

Mackson 500 F3, Gordon Russell, Castle Combe,

A Norton double knocker engine was specified, although an example has also been fitted with a JAP engine in the United States, the Norton gearbox transmitted power to the rear wheels through chain drive and the solid rear axle.

The 18 gauge aluminium body is noticeably lower than it’s contemporaries like the Kieft CK52 and Cooper Mk VI.

Mackson 500 F3, Gordon Russell, Castle Combe,

Designer Gordon tested the original Mackson, but Arthur Gill ran two cars for himself and Alan Scoble while a third car was bought and raced by Peter Braid, with no wins during the 1952 season Gordon Bedson left the team to become a director at Kieft.

No more Mackson’s were built, but they continued to be raced, one being converted into first the Saxon Formula 3 car which was upgraded to Formula Junior spec, Gordon Russell is seen at the wheel of today’s example at Castle Combe.

Thanks for joining me on this “Aeronautical Experience” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I will be looking at another Mini variation that never made it into production. Don’t forget to come back now !