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Top Of The Class – Dodge Charger Police Package Hemi LX

In 1964 Dodge built a concept roadster called the Charger based on the Dodge Polara, the first production car to carry the Charger name was the 1966 personal luxury Coupé of which four generations appeared up until 1977 when the model was dropped.

A fith genration sub compact hatchback coupé Charger with front wheel drive was built from 1982 to 1987 after which the model disappeared until a four door rear wheel drive Charger like today’s featured vehicle appeared in 2006 to replace the full size Dodge Intrepid.

Dodge Charger, Talladega, Superspeedway, AL

The sixth generation Charger, also known as Charger LX, shares it’s LX platform with the Chrysler 300, discontinued third generation, ’04 – ’08, Magnum and the personal luxury third generation Challenger coupé which reappeared after a 25 year break in 2008.

The design credited to Ralph Gilles and Freeman Thomas was originally made available with two V6 and two V8 Hemi motor options ranging from 190 to 425 hp and from All wheel drive was also put on the options list.

Law Enforcement versions of the Charger were also made available with V6 and V8 Hemi motors. In Michigan State Police tests the police package 250 hp V6 was found to be equal in performance to the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor while the Hemi V8 kicking out over 340 hp, like the Mobile County Sheriff’s example seen above at Talladega Superspeedway, was top of the interceptor performance class.

Car & Driver reported in August 2006 that NYPD were to test 10 of the police package Chargers, suggesting they had a 150 mph capability.

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