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La Bugatti du Pauvre – Amilcar CGSS

In 1924 Amilcar started manufacturing its doorless CGS (Grand Sport) model with a boat tail body, front and rear brakes, powered by a 30hp 1,074 cc / 65 cui 4-cylinder engine that featured an aluminium cylinder head, to compete against the similar but rear wheel brake only Salmson VAL 3.

Amilcar CGSs, Terry McGrarth, VSCC, Prescott,

The front wheel brakes of the CGS were particularly innovative and advantageous because they featured a sliding rod system within the front kingpins that allowed the driver to keep a constant pressure on them.

Amilcar CGSs, Terry McGrarth, VSCC, Prescott,

Two years later Amilcar introduced a lowered GSSs, surbaisse, variant which featured larger brakes, a bigger oil sump and an increased power output to 35hp thanks to the development of a new camshaft.

Amilcar CGSs, Terry McGrarth, VSCC, Prescott,

The CGSs is said to have been very successful on the track, the only results I have been able to confirm are three third places on the Mille Miglia recorded in 1927,28 and ’31.

Production of the CGSs continued until 1929 with around 4,700CGS models of both types built, Terry McGrath’s example seen here was built in 1928.

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