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Brazilian Power – FIAT 127 1050/CL

In 1971 FIAT launched it’s 127 model which was to replace the 850 that was being phased out of production.

FIAT 127 1050/CL, Bristol

Initially the 127 was only available as a 2 door a, the hatchback was not introduced until 1972, Spanish built variants with 4 and 5 doors were later marketed under the SEAT and FIAT names.

FIAT 127 1050/CL, Bristol

Unlike the rear engine rear wheel drive 850 model it replaced the 127 had the Dante Giacosa designed 45hp 903 cc FIAT 100 derived engine first seen in the 1955 FIAT 600 mounted in the front with the transmission driving the front wheels.

FIAT 127 1050/CL, Bristol

European journalists voted the 127 European Car of the Year in 1972 two years after it’s larger sibling the FIAT 128 had won the same accolade.

FIAT 127 1050/CL, Bristol

FIAT launched it’s restyled second generation 127 with larger window’s and larger tailgate in May 1977 with the a 50hp 1050cc Brazilian developed and built version of the Aurelio Lampredi designed five bearing OHC FIAT 124 engine offered as an option.

FIAT 127 1050/CL, Bristol

The Brazilian powered 127 seen in these photograph’s was first registered in the UK on the 22nd of January 1979.

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Striped Tomato Editon – Volkswagen Golf Mk III CL Diesel

Volkswagen introduced the third iteration of it’s popular Golf to Europe, the UK and the USA in 1991, 1992 and 1993 respectively the latter was delayed by quality problems and industrial action in Volkswagen’s Mexican Puebla plant.

Volkswagen Golf CL Diesel, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

Additions to the the range were an estate / station wagon version and a six cylinder VR6 motor. The VR motor , standing for Verkurst Rheienmotor – shortened in line motor in English, featured a two banks of 3 cylinders separated by just 15 degrees so that the cylinders are effectively staggered meaning the six cylinder motor could easily fit into the space normally occupied by a four cylinder motor.

Volkswagen Golf CL Diesel, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol t

Volkswagen sponsored European Tours by the Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi during the production life of the Golf III, also known as the Mk 3, which led to special editions featuring the bands names, further special editions included the Movie, Joker, Savoy, New Orleans and multi coloured Harlequin.

Today’s featured Starsky and Hutch Striped Tomato Edition seen at an Avenue Drivers Club meeting in Bristol last year, is a one off peversely low performance 1996 Golf CL Diesel.

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