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SM Approved – Wingfield Special

Aged just 17 Bryan Wingfield built his first special in Glasgow with a 1172 cc Ford 4 cylinder motor.

Wingfield Special, Autumn Classic, Castle Combe,

While still studying and completing an apprentice ship with Albion motors Bryan built a second special, today’s featured car this time a Bristol engine.

Wingfield Special, Peter Campbell, Autumn Classic, Castle Combe,

It would appear the car was raced by a Miss Jill Hutchinson but I have been unable to confirm any results.

Wingfield Special, Autumn Classic, Castle Combe,

After completing his apprenticeship Bryan went to work for Ford and his Special had lain dormant for decades before it was taken to Spencer Lane Jones in Warminster to be revived.

Wingfield Special, Autumn Classic, Castle Combe,

Peter Campbell is seen driving the car which has been fitted with a new nose cone and bonnet fabricated by Coachbuilt Cars also of Warminster.

When Sir Stirling Moss saw the impressive Wingfield Special he was moved to sign the bodywork.

While at Ford Bryan continued building reproductions of Jaguars in his spare time such that by the time he retired from Ford in 1986 he moved Bryan Wingfield Racing into supplying parts for GT 40’s and more recently acquired a Group C Ford C100 which he has single handedly refeteled despite being well into his seventies.

Thanks for joining me on this “SM Approved” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at a Lola Formula 5000 car. Don’t forget to come back now !