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Brazil’s Man In Switzerland – Maserati 6CM #1558

In 1937 Milanese Lancia dealer “Libeccio” Eugenio Minetti with fellow racing drivers Giovanni Lurani, Luigi Villoresi and Franco Cortese founded Scuderia Ambrosiana and remained the teams president until 1949.

Maserati 6CM, Silverstone Classic

The following year Baron Manuel de Teffé von Hoonholtz followed his father into the Brazilian diplomatic corps and was posted to the Brazilian consulate in Switzerland.

Maserati 6CM, Silverstone Classic

The Baron better known as Manuel de Teffé was invited to drive a 1938 Maserati 6CM in it’s Brazilian national colours alongside the two other Scuderia Ambrosina 6CM’s by Count Giovanni Lurani.

Maserati 6CM, Urs Muller, Silverstone Classic

Manuel is recorded as having made 6 European starts in the 6CM during 1938 finishing four of the events with a best 5th place in the Voiturette Prix de Bern run on the Bremgarten circuit.

Maserati 6CM, Silverstone Classic

From 1939 to ’41 Manuel raced his Maserati 6CM in South America, with five starts recorded in Brazil and one in Argentina, of those he won at; II Circuito da Gávea Nacional and Subida da Tijuca both of which ran in Brazil.

Maserati 6CM, Silverstone Classic

Subsequently his car was sold to British expatriate in Argentina Eric Forest-Greene who recorded a sixth place finish in the 1941 Buenos Aires Grand Prix with the car.

Maserati 6CM, Silverstone Classic

Switzerlands Urs Muller is seen at the wheel of chassis #1558 in Brazilian colours during practice for the recent Maserati Centenary race at Silverstone Classic, voiturette expert Adam Ferrington assures me that #1558 is not the car driven in period by Manuel de Teffé.

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Not So Felice Carlo – Maserati 4CL #1564

Today’s featured 1939 Maserati 4CL chassis #1564 is one of 14 4CL siblings of chassis #1566 that I looked at a couple of weeks ago.

Maserati 4CL,  Sonoma Historics

Like chassis #1566 today’s car appears to have taken part in the greatest ever race for 1.5 litre Voiturettes the 1939 Tripoli Grand Prix.

Maserati 4CL,  Niello Concours at Serrano

It appears most likely that Carlo Felice Trossi qualified #1564 10th on the grid over two seconds slower than Giovanni Rocco in the 8th placed #1566.

Maserati 4CL,  Niello Concours at Serrano

The only results that I can find for the 1939 Tripoli Grand Prix show that Carlo retired with an engine problem without completing a lap.

Maserati 4CL,  Sonoma Historics

The rest of the #1564’s period history is not known within the confines of the internet, although it is believed to have been driven by Maserati team mates Franco Cortese and Luigi Villoresi.

In the 1960’s #1564 was resident in the UK and in 1992 it fetched nearly $300,000 at auction in Monaco. If you know any further details about #1564 please do not hesitate to chip in below.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton who took these photographs at Sonoma Historics and Niello Concours at Serrano.

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Le Mans & Targa Class Winner – Ferrari 500 TRC #0682MDTR

The Ferrari 500 TRC was the last of a line of 4 cylinder sports racing cars built by Ferrari between 1953 and 1957.

Ferrari 500TRC, Silverstone Classic

Today’s featured 500 TRC chassis #0682MDTR, seen above at the recent Silverstone Classic where it was driven by David and James Cottingham, was built for Belgian entrant Jaques Swatters in 1957.

The high light of Swatters “Ecurie Francochamps” 1957 season was the class win, 7th overall, recorded at Le Mans with Lucien Bianchi and Georges Harris at the wheel of #0682MDTR.

The following season Gaetano Starraba acquired the car and with Franco Cortese finished 7th overall, 1st in class, in the 1958 Targa Florio.

Starrabba returned to the Targa the following year with Domenico Lo Coco however the car was wrecked in accident which ended it’s ‘in period history’.

Present owner David Cottingham next appeared with the car in Classic and Sportscar in 1991 and he has raced this most famous of TRC’s regularly ever since.

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