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Allard + Farrell + Maserati = The Farrallac MK2

The origins of the Farrallac featured today lie in the Allard J2, chassis J1911registration JWP 800, that rising star Peter Collins purchased and took delivery of in Kidderminster on March 29th 1951.

Allard J2

[Photo supplied by David Hooper copyright holder unknown, this photo will be credited or removed upon request]

Peter Collins seen above, possibly at Westwood Park, on the left drove JWP 800 to victories at two national events held at Gamston and at least one more at Croft where he set an outright lap record.


After passing through the hands of a businessman in the Midlands JWP 800 ended up in the hands of cycle manufacturer Don Farrell who with his wife Stella, a champion cyclist, used the car to compete in hillclimbs and sprints.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

In order to improve the stability and straight line speed of the cycle winged J2 Don built an all enveloping body for the vehicle and with the unoffficial aid of Allard draghtsman, later Chief Engineer, Dave Hooper fitted the car with wishbone front suspension.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

The Farrallac Mk1 was used by the Farrells for two years until October 1959 when crossing the finishing line on a hillclimb near Marlow, having set Fastest Time of the Day a track rod broke which consequently sent the car over a barbed wire fence rendering JWP 800 beyond repair and left Don Farrell nursing his wounds in hospital.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

While recovering Don planned The Farrallac Mk2 which he subsequently built in 1960

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

[Photo Courtesy David Hooper]

using the 400 hp 5980cc Cadillac engine,

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

Alvis gearbox and some of the suspension salvaged from JWP 800 which were fitted to a new twin tube chassis along with Alfin drum brakes.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

David Hooper tells me the rear body work came from a J2

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

while the front was sourced from a Maserati.

Farrallac Mk2, Silverstone Classic, PD

With a top speed of 165 mph

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

The Farrallac Mk2 was campaigned by the Farrells covering standing 1/4 miles in 12 seconds.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

In the mid sixties the Farrallac Mk2 passed into the hands of Burno Ferrari who replaced the Cadillac motor for a Ford then the car disappeared,

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

resurfacing in the hands of Tony Bianchi in the late 1970’s.

Farrallac MK2, Silverstone Classic PD

Tony spent seven years bring the car back to health finding a Cadillac engine and fitting it with “Offy” cylinder heads from a stock car. Tony still owns the Mk2 33 years later.

Bob Bull the passenger above tells me he saw an indicated 160 mph as he hung on to his helmet flying along Silverstone’s Hangar Straight.

My thanks to Bob Bull, Colin Warnes of the Allard Register, Allard Chief Engineer David Hooper, Simon Taylor, Classic and Sportscar Magazine (July 1985), The Nostalgia Forum members C Drewett, and Fuzzi for their photo’s and help with information for today’s blog.

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