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Pulling The Plug – Peugeot 908 HYbrid4

In 2007 Peugeot started a A V12 Turbo Diesel Prototype Sports Car programme that produced victory at Le Mans over the hitherto dominant Audi Team in 2009.

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

For 2011 new regulations saw the introduction of a smaller V8 powered turbo diesel 908 Prototype Turbo Diesel racer which scored outright wins at Spa, Imola, Silverstone, Road Atlanta and Zhuhai

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

As early as 2008 Peugeot had shown a V12 turbo diesel powered hybrid racer, but it was not until 2011, after the HYbrid4 had been taken to the Geneva Motor Show, that development of the V8 turbo diesel powered HYbrid4 started to gather momentum with a view to racing in 2012.

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

In addition to it’s traditional diesel fueled motor the Hybrid4 was fitted with a 60 kw kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) which stores kinetic energy generated under braking in Li-ion battery cells which was used to power electric motors driving the rear wheels under acceleration.

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Peugeot KERS system is said to have developed and additional 80hp at the mandated speed limit with out aid from the diesel motor.

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Towards the end of 2011 Peugeot gave the HYbrid4 a systems test at Estoril,

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, Goodwood Festival of Speed

In 2012 while the Peugeot team was preparing to test the new car at Sebring Peugeot head office announced poor financial circumstances meant that the manufacturer had no option but to withdraw from Protoype Sports Car racing effective immediately, and so the HYbrid4 never turned a wheel in competition.

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Goodwood Revival #3 – Volvo P1800S

The Volvo P1800 designed by Pelle Peterson, is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary along with the E-Type Jaguar this year, surprisingly in the UK the Volvo was the more expensive of the two models.

Volvo P1800S, Goodwood Revival

Like the E-Type the P1800 was launched at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, with a 4 cylinder 115hp B18 motor this 1967 model is capable of 109 mph.

Volvo P1800S, Goodwood Revival

The producers of the thriller TV series The Saint initially approached Jaguar to see if they would supply a couple of, the much in demand, E-Types for the show, after they were turned down they asked Volvo for a couple of P1800’s who obliged by supplying two British bodied, built by Jensen, P1800’s for the first series and a Swedish built P1800S for a later series.

Volvo P1800S, Goodwood Revival

The actor Roger Moore star of The Saint, which immortalised the P1800, liked the P1800 so much he bought one.

Volvo P1800S, Goodwood Revival

In the late 80’s I came very close to taking on a P1800S as an investment, a second look at the car in daylight revealed I’d need to double my investment just to stay ahead of the rust, the following year the economy tanked. Wonderful cars full of character that the P1800’s are, I’m glad I played it safe on that particular occasion.

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Prize Winning Brazilian – Avallone 11 #A1110 016

It’s always a thrill to bring you the rare and unexpected and today thanks to Peter M in Switzerland it is a tremendous honour to share with you the photos and the story behind this ‘Best Replica’ prize winning Brazilian vehicle from the 1978 Geneva Motor Show.

In 1924 William Morris later Lord Nuffield, founder of Morris Cars and Cecil Kimber general manager of Morris Garages in Oxford (owned by William Morris) sold their 48th specially modified Morris Cowley ‘Old Number One‘ with bodywork by Carbodies of Coventry with a special octagonal badge, thus launching MG Cars as a marque in it’s own right.

In 1936 MG launched the successful ‘T’ range with the TA an attractive 50hp two seat sports car featuring a steel body on an ash frame. Production of the TB was interrupted by WW2 but it was not until 1955 with exports outnumbering home sales by more than 10 to 1 that production of the final incarnation of the ‘T’ range, the 63 horsepower TF 1500 with independent front suspension, was halted to make way for the MGA. Some cars when they go out of production are never heard of again but the MG TF has proved over 50 years since production ceased to be an inspiration of sturdier stuff.

After some market research in 1968 a small volume Italian manufacturer Siata, up until then best known for building 40 odd Crosley powered 300 BC Barchetta Sports cars, went in to production of a MGTF replica called the Siata Spring using the mechanical components of the rear engined FIAT 850 ! The Spring continued in production until 1970 when Siata failed and continued under the ORSA name until 1975.

In 1974 the Brazilian furniture manufacturer Lafer created a fibre glass TF based replica again with running gear from a rear engined vehicle the VW Fusca (Beetle to the rest of us) ! Some 4300 MP Lafers were built with 1,000 thought to have been exported over a 16 years production span.

A couple of years later Brazilian racing driver / racing impresario and hitherto racing car constructor Antonio Carlos Avallone put the feeble but fun efforts of both Siata/ORSA and Lafer to shame by constructing his Avallone 11 an MG TF replica with a Brazilian spec Chevrolet engine at the front and additional Chevrolet do Brazil mechanical running gear all round.

The fibre glass panels were so strong that Antonio used to delight in handing potential clients at his factory and at motor shows a large rubber mallet and invite them to do their best to inflict some damage to the body panels.

Unlike the Siata/ORSA Spring or PM Lafer the Antonio Carlos Avallone paid a huge amount of attention to the details of the TF and then replicating them on his Avalone 11 which included not only the instrumentation …

but also the switch gear.

All of his dedication and hard work was rewarded when probably this very vehicle #A1110 016 was rewarded with the Best Replica Award at the 1978 Geneva Motor Show. An achievement recognised by MG with a letter of congratulation personally addressed to Antonio Carlos Avallone.

The intention of Swiss Importer Huber to introduce Avallone to the Swiss market some how got lost in the midst of time and this vehicle was found lying around in a building in 1982. With a lot of effort the previous owner managed to get the car legally registered for use on the road and drove it for some 20 years until he sold it to Peter M who informs me that the original steering wheel has been replaced with one of larger diameter, the original steel wheels have been replaced by larger wire wheels and that the original seats have been replaced with ones mounted lower in the cockpit.

Just as there seem to be a never ending stream of manufacturers making replica AC Cobra’s and Porsche 356’s so it is with replica MG TF other notable replica’s include the Naylor 1700 of the mid 1980’s and even today there is a company, TG, in new Zealand making TF kits using Maita MX5 running gear, yet none, so far as I am aware, of the other TF replica’s have been awarded a prize at the Geneva Motor Show.

I’d like to thank Peter M for furnishing me with the details and photographs of his highly praised car.

Thank you for joining me on todays Brazilian edition of ‘Gettin’ a lil’ psycho on tyres’ I hope you’ll join me again tomorrow for a look at another award winning French vehicle.

23rd Jan 2011 PS I have a friend who is looking to purchase a Radiator Grille for another one of these Avallone 11 vehicles, if you can help anyway with either the supply or location of such an item please leave a message below or send me an e-mail which can be accessed through my personal profile page.

Thanking you in anticipation
of your responses.

23 de janeiro de 2011 PS: Eu tenho um amigo que está olhando para comprar uma grade de radiador para outro desses 11 Avallone veículos, se puder ajudar de qualquer maneira com qualquer fonte ou localização de um item deste tipo, por favor deixe uma mensagem abaixo ou envie-me um e–mail que pode ser acessado através da minha página de perfil pessoal.

Agradecendo antecipadamente as suas respostas.