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First Australian – TVR Grantura Mk3 #9/686

The MK3 and later TVR Grantura’s, first seen in 1962, featured a new chassis designed by John Thurner to primarily accept either 1622 cc / 98.9 cui or 1798 cc / 109.7 cui four cylinder MG motors.

TVR Grantura Mk3, Oulton Park

It would appear that while enquiries about racing a TVR in Australia Peter Owen inadvertently was appointed TVR’s Australian Agent. In 1964 today’s featured car chassis #9/686 fitted with the larger MG motor became the first TVR to be imported to Australia where Peter registered it for the road and took it to the Sydney Motor Show.

TVR Grantura Mk3, Oulton Park

During 1964 Peter also clocked up a couple of wins at Oran Park and Warwick Farm before employing a rising star, Kevin Bartlett, to drive the car.

TVR Grantura Mk3, Oulton Park

After being campaigned down under until the 1970’s #9/686 was bought by French Journalist Christophe Wilmart just over ten years ago who brought it back to Europe and had it prepared for historic racing.

Current owners Colin and Helen Elstrop bought the car, seen here in the paddock at Oulton Park last weekend, to the UK in 2007 and have raced it regularly since.

Thanks for joining me on this “First Australian” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres”, I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I be returning to Redhill Village Hall for Breakfast. Don’t for get to come back now !