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Family Affair – GSM Delta

In 1957 John Scott met South African Bob Van-Niekerk who had plans to build a sports car in South Africa. John told Bob that if he one of his cars won a race in Britain he would arrange to manufacture them in the UK.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Bob with fellow South African’s Willie Meissner and Verster de Wit who was responsible for the body styling produced a mould in the UK and sold the first body built in the UK in order to pay the cost of shipping the moulds to South Africa.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Above John Scott’s son Clive is seen standing next to his grand son, John’s great grandson, Ben behind the 1962 GSM Delta Clive purchased in 2009.

Bob went back to South Africa and set up GSM (Glass Sport Motors) with Willie Meissner and started production of their first vehicle which carried the Dart name.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Immediately competitive in South Africa, scoring 1-2 victory on it’s debut in a 4 hour race in Cape Town in 1958, by 1960 one of the GSM Dart’s found it’s way to the UK in 1960 and won first time out at Brands Hatch. True to his word John started a second production shop for the GSM in West Malling, Kent renaming the car Delta, as Daimler had already found out the Dart name was the property of Chrysler in the USA.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Power for the GSM Delta came from off the shelf Ford’s from 1 litre / 61 cui to 1.5 litres / 92 cui in size, the motor seen here is one of the larger pre crossflow Ford unit’s. Ford components were also used for the steering, brakes, gearbox and rear axle.

GSM Delta, Prescott

When Clive bought this car in 2009 he was surprised to find that he recognised his mothers handwriting in the log book.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Among the winners in the British built GSM Delta’s between 1960 and 1965 was Dutchman Jan van Niekerk, Jeff Uren, 1959 British Saloon Car Champion who is also known as the man behind the “Savage Cartina’s“, John Glyde Walker, Joe Krupwicz Americans Bob Clift, Bill Osband, Dave Johnson and Don Grohs.

GSM Delta, Prescott

Figures vary as to how many GSM Delta’s were built between 1960 and 1961, Clive puts the number at “approximately 40” of which he believes fewer than 10 remain. The car that Clive owns won the 2001 Paul Matty Challenge in 2001 and the 2006 Aldon / HSA Championship.

My thanks to Clive for his help with today’s blog.

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Sunday Morning Lotus Hunting – Prescott

Apologies to readers of the regular Tuesday MG blogs which will return next week. On Sunday I attended the Speed Hill Climb at Prescott in search of a couple of Lotus models for Saturdays Lotus blogs.

GSM Delta Ford, Prescott

On arrival in the paddock I found much more than I bargained for, this GSM Delta Ford will feature in a forthcoming blog thanks to the owner Clive Scott who told me all about the car and his families involvement with it’s manufacture. Clive finished the day forth in a class of 15.

Ginetta G12 Zetec, Prescott

For a moment I thought this Ginetta G12 might be yet another car once owned by David Render, but Nick Stephens told me that this was not the case with his Ford Zetec powered example.

Maguire Mini Cooper S, Prescott

Derek Kessell has owned this Maguire Mini Cooper S for 24 years, it has never been raced and only ever used on hillclimbs. It was originally built with a Mini Clubman estate / station wagon body.

Force Empire DS600 Suzuki, Prescott

The tyres on Bill Chaplin’s Force Empire DS600 Suzuki show how tricky the conditions at Prescott were on Sunday Morning, full wets on the front and intermediates on the back, notice also a wild array of tweaked aerodynamic appendages that would not look out of place on a Formula One Car which helped Bill claim third fastest time in a class of 12.

OMS Hornet Suzuki, Prescott

Tina Hawkes driving her OMS Hornet Suzuki turned around her third fastest timed run in the lottery morning conditions, seen here, to a fastest time in class in the dry afternoon run.

Kayne Special III, Prescott

Last week I received an e-mail from John Biggs owner of the Kayne Special III, above, asking if I could put him in touch with Colin Cooper who built the car. When I met John on Sunday he told me that Colin had come to visit Prescott on Saturday and that they had a long chat about the car.

Pardon Hill House, Prescott

I know this is not a property blog, BUT, Pardon Hill House just has to be one of the most desirable properties on the planet for any motorsport enthusiast. You can see the Prescott Hill Climb course right in front of you from the benches right outside the back gate. Here’s hoping my lottery numbers come up before it is too late !

Chevron B47, Prescott

In the wake of the successful Lotus 79 in 1978 almost all open wheel cars the following season were built to take advantage of ground effects with varying degrees of success. Future Ferrari and Mclaren F1 driver Stephan Johansson was one of several drivers who started the 1979 with a Chevron B47, quite possibly the one in the photo above, but switched before long to the more successful March chassis on his way to claiming 4th spot in the 1979 British Formula 3 championship. Chris Bentley Jones who drove the car on Sunday claimed third fastest time in class.

Pilbeam MP97 Judd, Prescott

Sandra Tomlin, above, managed to avoid the wooden spoon in class and pip her son Oliver with whom she shares the wheel of the Pilbeam MP97 Judd.

Lotus 51A Ford, Prescott

I received a tip off last week that a couple of Lotus 51’s would be at Prescott like the won driven by Briony Serrell above, Brioney finished with 5th best time in a class of 13.

Lotus 51A, Prescott

Martin Tippet’s Lotus 51 was suffering from electrical issues and he could only manage 8th best time in class.

Lotus 61 Ford, Prescott

My thanks to Les Buck who is seen driving his Lotus 61 above, finished forth in class, for tipping me off last week at Brooklands that this event was taking place.

OMS CF06 Powertec SBD, Prescott

The two rounds of the Midland Hillclimb Championship main event were convincingly dominated by championship leader Trevor Wills driving the #3 OMS CFO6 Powertec SBD seen above.

Jaguar XK140, Prescott

Finally just as I was leaving a couple of dozen Jaguar XK’s appeared, including this 1956 XK 140, fitted with easy to clean steel wheels, which reminded me that GALPOT regular Geoffrey Horton would soon be getting up to compete in a Concours event in California with his own example of the model.

Further information on the timing results for this event can be found on Roger Warren’s excellent Resultsman website.

Thanks for joining me on this “Sunday Morning Lotus Hunting” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at an extraordinary FIAT 600. Don’t forget to come back now !