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Layout By Committee – Hardy Special III

Having built a Riley based special Dick Hardy undertook his work on his second special in 1955 starting with a 1921 GN chassis he found under a pile of rubble at Micheal Meo’s garage in Hamstead around 1953.

Inspired by pre war Auto Unions Dick fitted a supercharged 1928 JAP twin engine, that he bought in 1954, behind the drivers seat in the Hardy Special II.

Hardy Special II, Rachel Williams, Chateau Impney

The Hardy Special II was quick but the period engines were weak, today the Hardy Special II is owned by the Gray family who still compete with it.

The VSCC committee appears to have refused to let Dick build another rear engined special, no doubt for fear of too many others being encourage to build similar vehicles and so the Hardy Special III came to be built with the engine in the front.

Hardy Special II, Rachel Williams, Chateau Impney

I gather Dick did not begin work on the Hardy Special III until he was already in his seventies around 2001.

He started by fitting the steering gear from a three wheel van to a 1922 GN chassis with 1932 Morgan front suspension.

Hardy Special II, Rachel Williams, Chateau Impney

Dick again chose a super charged motor for his third special, but this time a 1096cc / 66.8 cui V twin JAP KTOR.

Rachel Williams is seen at the wheel of the Hardy Special III in these photographs at Chateau Impney last year.

Hardy Special II, Rachel Williams, Chateau Impney

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