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Morris Centenary – Morris Oxford

2013 marks the centenary of the production of the first Morris Car and every Tuesday for the month of April I’ll be featuring a Morris model.

If you are new to GALPOT you may be wondering why no Morris Minors will be featured this month, that is because I did a run of Morris Minor features not so long ago, here are the links for those who missed them; 1953 Morris Minor Series II 4 door, Morris Minor Tourer and 1967 Morris 1000 Traveller.

Morris Oxford, VSCC, Prescott

The first Morris car was a Morris Oxford which was assembled around a pressed steel chassis using many proprietary parts including a White & Poppe motor which sat behind a distinctive ‘Bullnose’ radiator not unlike the one seen on toady’s featured car.

Production of the original Bullnose Morris Oxford was halted by hostilities in 1914 and in 1919 a new Oxford model was launched featuring a larger Bullnose radiator and a Continental Red Seal motor built by the French Company Hotchkiss et Cie at their works in Coventry.

Today’s featured car was built in 1925 the first year the model was available with optional 12 inch front brakes one of which can be seen behind the AA badge in the photo.

A longer wheel base 4 seat version of the 1925 Morris Oxford went on to become the basis of the first MG 14/28 Super Sports model.

Production of the Bullnose Morris Oxfords came to an end in 1926 when it was replaced by the flat nosed Morris Oxford.

Thanks for joining me on this Morris Centenary edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !