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Inspiring Engineers :- Renishaw Castle Combe Heat 2014

On Sunday I popped along to Castle Combe where my friends son Ben Goodman was taking part in the Renishaw Castle Combe Heat 2014 meeting for electric vehicles in the Greenpower series designed to inspire young engineers.

Team MPH, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

Ben seen above in the #552 MPH+, Magnotsfield Petrol Heads, races in the F24+ class for 24 volt powered vehicles with drivers aged 16 to 25. Next to him is Magnotsfield Schools original #8 MPH which finished 8th in last seasons F24 class for drivers 11 to 16.

Renishaw Castle Combe Heat 1 F24

The Greenpower Series races last 90 mins for the younger F24 class requiring 2 driver changes while the races for the F24+ class are single driver one hour ‘sprints’. There were two races for the F24 class and only one for the F24+ class.

Dougal, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

What really astounded me about these races was variety of approaches to making a vehicle with a stock battery and stock motor go the furthest distance, added to which Sandbach High School went the extra mile and added cool graphics to both of their vehicles the Martini striped Dougal above and …

Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

…Brian which alongside the circa 1973 Lotus inspired graphics above carries the strap line “Complete And Utter Chaos” with CAUC logo’s. Unfortunately while quick Dougal proved to be unreliable while Brian made it to two mid table finishes in the F24 races and 15th from 19 in the F24+ race.

FR-5M, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

The FR-5M from Foremarke Hall school in Derbyshire showed some particularly elegant lines around the rear wheels. The FR-5M only took part in the F24 races finishing 10th in the first race and 13th in the second.

BY-Pod, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

Twin boom cars are a rarity despite having appeared in Can Am in the 1980’s, the Indy 500 in the 1960’s and Le Mans 24 hours in the 1950’s, if with little success. The local Chipping Sodbury School have revisted the theme with their BY-Pod which finished 7th in the F24+ race covering 31.5 miles in an hour.

Rotary Racer +, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

Chipping Sodbury’s lead entry Rotary Racer+ won both of the F24 races and finished second in the F24+ event covering 37 miles in an hour.

Jet, Renishaw Castle Combe Heat

Winning the F24+ event by a whole lap was Jet entered by Cullimore Racing for David Cullimore, National Champion since 2012, who covered 38.8 miles in the hour.

Ben finished a respectable 10th with 27.6 miles recorded and the #8 Magnotsfield School car finished 9th in the first F24 race with a team of rookie drivers, but could only manage 23rd in the second thanks to suspected tracking damage.

My thanks to Pete Goodman and Martin Baker for telling me about this event.

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Super Saturday Part 1/2 – Silverstone Classic

Artist Gerhard Richter once observed something akin to ‘that so long as one still has an object from the past it remains contemporary’, at Silverstone Classic on Super Saturday, the world’s biggest classic car show, there were many objects from man’s not so long past and many came to life in a vibrant crescendo of the twelve races which I was privileged to witness.

de Tomaso ISIS, Gregory, Silverstone Classic

For some time I have been on the look out for a Formula Junior de Tomaso. The 1959 FIAT powered ISIS example driven by Mike Gregory was one of two different de Tomaso models in the opening Peter Arundell Trophy Formula Junior race of the day which was won by Sam Wilson driving a Lotus after his main challenger David Methley spun out in his evil handling Brabham.

March 783, Padmore, Silverstone Classic

Silverstone Classic are great at introducing new events to their crowded schedule and one of the debutant events on this years schedule was the Brian Henton Trophy for classic Formula 3 cars of the type that helped launch the careers of Tony Brise, Tom Pryce, Gunnar Nilsson and Stephen South not to mention Nelson Piquet, Derek Warwick, and a chap called Ayrton da Silva who changed his name to something more snappy. Above Nick Pardmore guides his 1978 March 783, with ’79 side pods, through Stowe Corner on his way to victory.

Ford Cortinas, Shedden, Meaden, Silverstone Classic

For the best part of half an hour British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) regular Gordon Shedden and Richard Meaden kept us entertained with door handle to door handle racing at the front of the Sir John Whitmore Trophy race for under 2 litre / 122 cui saloon cars. Unfortunately when Gordon, seen leading above, came in for his mandatory pit stop his Lotus Cortina expired with an over heating issue before BTCC veteran Matt Neale could take over leaving Richard and Grant Tromans to take a well earned win.

Lister Costin Jaguar, Ward, Silverstone Classic

Chris Ward driving the Costin bodied Lister Jaguar above twice held the lead in the Stirling Moss Trophy for pre ’61 Sports Cars but he could not hold off the winning Knobbly bodied Lister Jaguar driven by Jon Minshaw/Phil Keen.

Hesketh 308C, Jones, Silverstone Classic

In 1975 it was announced that the hitherto enormous air boxes that had become an aesthetic blight on Formula One were to be banned along with various other changes. The first car to be built to the new regulations was the Hesketh 308C which was designed by Harvey Postlethwaite for James Hunt to drive. Above Derek Jones is seen driving a 308C in the FIA Masters Formula One race which was won by Ollie Hancock in a ’78 Fittipaldi F5A, after the race was stopped to allow the extraction of Sidney Hoole from what remained of the fabulous Ensign N173. Sidney was taken to hospital with a leg injury described as not ‘thought to be serious’.

Opel Belmont (sic), Wolfe, Silverstone Classic

The sixth event of the Silverstone Classic ‘Super Saturday’ was the Jet Super Touring Car Trophy for a variety of Touring cars from the Early 70’s to the turn of the Millennium. The close fought race was won by James Dodd from Stewart Whyte both driving Honda Accords. Andy Wolfe is seen driving a 1993 Jet sponsored Opel Astra, listed incorrectly in the programme as an Opel Belmont, which won it’s class in the 1993 Nurburgring 24 hours.

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Madman’s Kurtis -Muntz Jet #52M-505-3

In 1948 race car manufacturer Frank Kurtis started building a run of High Performance 2 seat convertibles for the road powered by Ford V8’s.

Muntz Jet, Marin Concours d'Elegance

At the first Bonneville Nationals NHRA founder Wally Parks drove one Franks cars to a two way timed run of 142.5 mph.

Muntz Jet, Marin Concours d'Elegance

With only 36 cars built Frank’s Kurtis Kraft Sports came to the attention of the legendary media pitch man Earl William “Madman” Muntz who was sufficiently impressed to buy the whole project including manufacturing rights.

Muntz Jet, Marin Concours d'Elegance

Muntz made a few alterations to the Kurtis Kraft Sport which included lengthening it, putting in a back seat, replacing the Ford V8 with a Cadillac V8 to turn the car into a 120 mph high performance personal luxury car offered in loud selection of colours and called it the Muntz Jet.

Muntz Jet, Marin Concours d'Elegance

The light pink 1953 Muntz Jet, seen in these photographs by Geoffrey Horton at last years Marin Concours d’Elegance, was bought new by Gloria De Haven and delivered to her at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Muntz Jet, Marin Concours d'Elegance

Only around 400 Muntz Jets had been built by 1954 when Madman Muntz pulled the plug on the project claiming to have lost $1000 on each one. Highly prized today the Muntz Jet is seen as the for runner of the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird personal luxury cars.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for sharing his photographs.

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