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Restructuring Fallout – Singer B37 Sports

In 1934 Singer built a 48 hp six cylinder 1 1/2 litre / 91 cui version of the Singer Le Mans with the aim of challenging the big hitters in the class, Aston Martin and Riley at Le Mans. The two team cars came home 7th and 8th overall behind the class winning Rileys which finished 2nd and 3rd overall and ahead of the Aston Martin’s which finished 10th and 11th.

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71 six cylinder Le Mans cars were built and they proved competitive especially in trials where they were noted for their restart capabilities on steep slippery surfaces. In 1937 a new six cylinder model known as the B37 was introduced powered by a 59 hp motor.

Singer B37, VSCC, Loton Park

The B37 was built on a new chassis and fitted with a competition “fly off” handbrake; twin spare wheels, offering added traction in trials events and a “Hill Holder” grab handle for passengers to hang onto when bouncing the car up slippery trials hills.

Singer B37, VSCC, Prescott

Thanks to the financial restructuring going on at Singer the B37 was cut from the Singer range after just 12 cars had been built. The car belonging to John Gibson seen at Loton Park, top two and Prescott Hill Climbs is one of three that are thought to have survived.

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