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Genoese Revolt – FIAT 508S Balilla Spider Sport

Motor cars were over 100 years from becoming an everyday form of transport when a Genovese boy, Giovanni Battista Perasso, threw a stone, or stones, at an Austrian officer of the military occupation and kicked off the Genoese revolt against the Austrians in 1746.

Subsequently Giovanni’s nickname ‘Balilla’ was used for a Milanese Tractor, by the Italian Royal Navy for a class of Submarine, Ansaldo used the name for Italy’s only WW1 fighter aircraft to go into production the 1917 Ansaldo A1 and by FIAT for their 508 range of cars built between 1932 and 1937.

FIAT 508S Balilla, VSCC Loton Park,

A team working under Tranquillo Zerbi director of FIAT’s Technical Department designed the Balilla to incorporate some of the qualities of high end automobiles, like crank handle operated side window’s, into a vehicle with a modest price.

The original 508 was fitted with a side valve 1 litre / 61 cui 4 cylinder motor that produced 20 hp enough for the Balilla to reach 50 mph.

FIAT 508S Balilla, VSCC Loton Park,

In 1933 the 508S was fitted with an upgraded motor that produced up to 30hp that was later increased to 36hp with the aid of an overhead valve head.

Production of the Balilla ceased in 1937 and the model was replaced by the FIAT 508C Nuova Balilla 1100.

FIAT 508S Balilla, Patten, VSCC Loton Park,

Balilla’s were built at FIAT’s facility in Lingotto in Italy with six different body styles; Belina 2 door 4 seat saloon / sedan, 2 seat cabriolet Spider, 4 door 4 seat Torpedo of which ironically a special version was built for Italian Military operations in occupied area’s of North Africa, Spider Sport with styling by Ghia, Coupé and Van.

Assembly of some Balilla variants including the Spider Sport was further facilitated at Walter Motors in Czechoslovakia, Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe in Poland, NSU-Fiat in Germany and Simca-Fiat in France.

Dr Dick Patten’s 1934 Spider Sport bodied Ballila, seen in these photographs at Loton Park, is listed as having a 1089 cc / 66 cui motor which presumably was sourced from a later post 1937 FIAT 508C Nuova Balilla 1100.

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Cd 0.14 – FIAT 8001 Turbina

Spurred on by the news that Rover was looking to transfer it’s WW2 jet engine technology to production car use FIAT joined the fray in 1948 led by technical director Dante Giacosa.

FIAT Turbina, Goodwood Festival of Speed,

FIAT at the time was building building gas turbines for aeronautical and civil applications but in order to maintain secrecy from others in the FIAT empire Giacosa had a team of three engineers develop a purpose built turbine from scratch.

FIAT Turbina, Goodwood Festival of Speed,

Former Isotta Fraschini stylist Fabio Luigi Rapi was responsible for the shape of the 8001 Turbina which when tested at Turin Polytechnic indicated the drag co efficient was down to a record low of cd 0.14.

FIAT Turbina, Goodwood Festival of Speed,

Carlo Salamano first tested the 8001 Turbina on the famous oval test track set on the roof of FIAT’s Lingotto building in Turin in February 1954.

FIAT Turbina, Goodwood Festival of Speed,

With 300hp available the the 8001 Turbina was thought to be easily capable of breaking the 152 mph gas turbine powered world record set by Rover in 1952, however before the Turbina got a chance to go record breaking Frenchman Jean Hebert set a new gas turbine powered record of 191.8 mph in Renault’s purpose built record breaker “Etoile Filante” in September 1956 and it was recognised immediately that this was beyond the FIAT’s capability.

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