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The Spy Who Loved Me – Wet Nellie

The Spy Who Loved Me is a 1977 action thriller staring Roger Moore as British Agent James Bond alias 007 and Barbra Bach as Anya Amasova, alias Agent Triple X from the KGB, who investigate the disappearance of British and Russian nuclear armed submarines.

Lotus Esprit 007 Wet Nellie

James and Anya find themselves pursuing the reclusive megalomaniac Karl Stromberg played by Curd Jürgens in a film that was shot on location in Egypt, Italy and the Bahamas.

Lotus Esprit 007 Wet Nellie

For this film Q the man with the unenviable of task of supplying toys to help 007 keep an edge on his dastardly rivals kits out a Lotus Esprit Series I, without the ears, with a myriad of gadgets and capabilities that include missiles, cement dispensers and submersible capabilities as required by the plot.

Lotus Esprit 007 Wet Nellie

The submersible Esprit seen in The Spy Who Loved Me was known as Wet Nellie and was built by midget sub specialist Perry Submarines in Florida. It was capable of 15 knots but for some reason the motors were not reversible which made controlling the vehicle somewhat precarious.

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