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Magna Detailing – Maki F101

When the Maki F101 was announced in 1974 my first reactions were similar to the announcement of the Eifelland two years earlier, such unfettered enthusiasm for something so different from anything else of course does not always pay dividends as Lotus were two find out with their ultra thin Lotus 76 in the same year.

Maki F101, Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Maki project was founded by Kenji Mimura who is credited with designing the Ford Cosworth DFV powered car with Masao Ono. The details of some of the features are at once both like something out of a Magna Comic and extremely futuristic, bearing in mind that this was a time when the biggest selling road cars like the Ford Cortina and Morris Marina were little more than 3 boxes with wheels on.

Maki F101, Goodwood Festival of Speed

By the time the F101 now in B Spec made it’s dedut with Howden Ganley driving at the 1974 British Grand Prix it had already shed it’s unique body work for something rather more conservative.

Maki F101, Howden Ganley, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Howden, seen at the wheel above during at the Gooodwood Festival of Speed, while not driving the slowest car in practice failed to qualify for the British Grand Prix.

Maki F101, Goodwood Festival of Speed

At the German Grand Prix disaster struck when the during the first day of practice the rear suspension failed sending Howden into the crash barriers which ripped the front of the car off.

Maki F101, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Amazingly Howden stepped out of the wreckage unaided but his ankles were seriously damaged and this was to be the end of his Formula One career.

Maki F101, Howden Ganley, Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Maki F101 did not appear again in 1974 but a C variant did appear with a new chassis in 1975, the story of which will have to wait for a future edition.

Howden Ganley recovered from his injuries and went on to found a successful racing car manufacturer with fellow F1 refugee Tim Schenken called Tiga.

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Goodwood Favourites – Formula One

Today’s post features a few of my favourite Formula One ’74 to present day cars that appeared at Goodwood last week.

McLaren M23, Fittipaldi, Goodwood Festival of Speed

First up Emerson Fittipaldi gives GALPOT a wave coming back down the hill in his 1974 McLaren M23 chassis #5.

Maki Cosworth F101A, Goodwood Festival of Speed

After Honda’s disappearance from the Formula One grid at the end of the 1968 season there was no Japanese presence in Formula One until the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix. However this was not for the want of trying, Kenji Mimura founded the Maki Team in 1974 and their futuristic F101, which bore a passing resemblance to the experimental 1972 Ferrari 312 Snowplough attempted to unsuccessfully to qualify for the 1974 British and German Grand Prix. After Howden Ganley broke his legs at the Nurburgring the team retired to Japan to rework their ideas for 1975.

LEC CRP1, Wright, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mike Pilbeam’s portfolio of attractive Formula One cars includes the LEC CRP1 seen above which was driven by David Purley in 1977 to a season high 13th place in Belgium shortly before surviving a 178 g deceleration from 108 mph to 0 in 25 inches / 66 cm against the sleepers during practice for the 1977 British GP. This particular car driven by Gary Wright had not been seen in action for 35 years.

Toleman Hart TG184, Davidson, Goodwood Festival of Speed

There were numerous vehicles which Ayrton Senna had driven present at Goodwood, and the Toleman TG184 above driven by Alistair Davidson may be one of them, an acquaintance who has spent twelve months researching the TG184 chassis tells me each of the five TG184’s has a slightly different rivet pattern where the roll bar connects to the top of the monocoque and is currently looking for body off photo’s of the TG184’s to confirm which car is which.

Jordan Ford 191, Sirgue, Goodwood Festival of Speed

In 1991 Eddie Jordan graduated to Formula One with one of the most attractive Formula One cars ever seen, designed by Gary Anderson, a fist full of Pepsico dollars, works supplied Ford Cosworth engines and Andrea de Cesaris as his lead driver. The team finished a highly creditable 5th in the constructors championship and Andrea 9th in the drivers championship. The team will also be remembered for introducing Micheal Schumacher to the top table of the sport in Belgium. Owner Didier Sirgue is seen at the wheel above.

Williams Mercedes FW36, Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Finally with Mercedes Benz motors and Martini money the Williams team is back on the ascendent this year with Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas at the wheel. The FW36 above unfortunately had to remain silent to avoid contravening the no testing agreement currently in operation amongst Formula One teams.

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