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COhen GN & AC – COGNAC Frazer Nash Special

S.A. COhen was responsible for building the first iteration of today’s featured car using I believe a 1925 Frazer Nash chassis with a solid axle and chain drive as originally developed by GN.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Mallory Park,

The triple carburetor 2 litre / 122 cui aluminium block iron head six cylinder AC motor, that lent it’s initials to the last two letters of the cars name, is of a design that dates back to 1919 and remained in production up until 1963.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Tony Lees, Chateau Impney

My understanding is that COGNAC was originally fitted with a two seat body that originated from an Amilcar with the radiator coming from a Hampton of a type I have not yet identified, if you know which model Hampton is shown in this linked image please do not hesitate to chime in below. and that the tail was modified to fit a spare wheel across the back of the car.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Mallory Park,

It appears that the tail of the Amilcar body was modified to fit a spare wheel across the back of the car.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Tony Lees, Mallory Park,

I am not sure exactly when S.A. Cohen competed with the car, the only report I have found so far describes him suffering with a slipping clutch at the Lewes speed trials in the June 1937 issue of MotorSport.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Mallory Park,

A chap called Duchy at the Nostalgia Forum recalls his father owned the COGNAC Frazer Nash Special and used it as a road car in the mid 1950’s and that it was not converted into the single seater form seen here until the 1970’s.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Tony Lees, Chateau Impney

Ron Footitt is the man responsible for converting the COGNAC Frazer Nash Special into a single seater for vintage racing in the 1970’s.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Mallory Park,

I have seen several accounts of the story that Ron wanted his ashes scattered onto a racing circuit upon his death and that COGNAC’s next owner Freddie Giles obliged at Oulton Park, after winning a race he is said to have scattered Ron’s ashes from a glove on his slowing down lap.

COGNAC Frazer Nash Special, Tony Lees, Mallory Park,

Current owner Tony Lees is seen testing COGNAC at Mallory Park soon after he bought it in 2013 and at last years Chateau Impney Hillclimb.

Thanks for joining me on this “COhen GN & AC” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow far a look at the last in the current series of ERA’s. Don’t forget to come back now !


The Right One – Chevrolet Corvette

A couple of months ago I was at a testing session at Mallory Park when I stumbled accross this Chevrolet C5 Corvette being prepared for the then forthcoming V de V Sports 4 hour race at Paul Ricard in September.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

The car is owned by the father and son team of Richard and Benton Bryan who entered the car for Benton and Nigel Greensall to drive under the John H.Daniel name.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

The GTV 1 spec racer is powered by a Katech C6 R motor.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

At Mallory Nigel was trying out a new paddle shift in preparation for the race.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

If your interested to know what it’s like sitting inside a GTV 1 Corvette
at speed Nigel can be seen on this link bettering the class lap record at Paul Ricard last year.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

At the Paul Ricard 4H race the C5 qualified 11th, out of 40 but appears not to have completed a lap.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

By all accounts the father and son Bryan team got started in racing when Mrs Bryan bought her husband an entry into the 1983 Walter Mitty Challenge for which Richard traded in his road going Ferrari 512 for a Le Mans version.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

The Bryans stable of vehicles includes a 1986 Mustang GTP, 1988 Argo Chevrolet JM19 GTP and a brace of Group C Martini Lancia Ferrari LC2’s

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

… the latter may have influenced the choice of colours used on the body of this Corvette.

This post is dedicated to long time Corvette fan Sebastian Brochheuser who on will be tying the knot with his partner Julia on Saturday, I hope you will join me in wishing them well.

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Testing ! Testing ! – Mallory Park

I managed to make a second pilgrimage to Mallory Park for a test session with my friend Tim, of the Bristol Pegasus MC, last week.

Riley, Ford Ranger, Mallory Park

Among the many delights was the sight of a Vintage Riley driven in anger alongside a Ford Ranger from the Pickup Truck Racing Series.

Ford Ranger, Mallory Park

Micheal Smith from Hartlepool puts his nominal #93 Ford Ranger, featuring a space frame with a spec motor based on the, GM (!), Vauxhall 16 Valve engine, through it’s paces prior to last weekends PTR races at Thruxton.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

Castle Combe outright lap record holder Nigel Greensall was testing a new paddle shift gear selector in this 2008 Trans Am Spec Corvette which is due to appear in the French VdeV GT series at Paul Ricard Circuit in September.

Allard, Cougar, Chevrolet, Mallory Park

Best sounds of the day came from this 427 Chevy Big block powered Allard J2 Replica about which very little appears to be known.

Formula Vauxhall Lotus S2, Mallory Park

Lou Watts was out in this Series 2 Spec Formula Lotus Vauxhall easily distinguished by the high frontal cockpit, these spec vehicles were in use from the late 80’s to early 90’s in a series that rivalled Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford 2000. Lou races this car in Monoposto Racing Club Series.

Revis, Mallory Park

Harking back to the junior open wheel series of the 1950’s was this chain driven Revis Formula 3 car powered by a Jap single cylinder 500 cc / 30.5 cui motorcycle engine connected to a Norton gearbox. Richard Bishop Miller traced the previous owner of this car to Canada where he eventually purchased it before restoring it.

GN CoGNac, Mallory Park

Finally another fascinating special, from the 30 odd cars that appeared at Mallory last week, was this 1930’s GN CoGNac powered by a straight six AC motor. This car has recently been acquired by Tony Lees who was driving it for the first time.

My thanks to Dutchy, mikeC, David McKinney and Alan Cox at The Nostalgia Forum for additional information on the CoGNac.

Thanks for joining me on this ‘testing’ edition of ‘Gettin’ a lil’ psycho on tyres’, I hope you will join me tomorrow for a visit to the Bugatti Trust at Prescott. Don’t forget to come back now !


Original Lightweight – Jaguar Lightweight E – Type 9/12

In 1962 Jaguar built a Low Drag Coupé E-type, with a steel inner tub but aluminium outer pannels, that was more in the spirit of the D-Type from which the E-Type styling and design had evolved. The car was not any more competitive than it’s all steel namesake despite it’s higher performance and the prototype was sold.

90 Image2607sc

From 1963 – 1964 12 Lightweight E- Types were built that evolved from the Low Drag Coupé, again making extensive use of aluminium body panels and other components.

91 Image2610sc

The standard 265 hp iron block straight six engines were upgraded to 300hp aluminium block XK6 specs fitted with fuel injection.

92 Image2608sc

The cars failed to emulate the international success of earlier ‘C’ and ‘D’ types at Le Mans or Sebring but they were moderately successful in club racing.

93 Image2609sc

Of the 12 Lightweights built and two additional bodies it is thought ‘at least one’ was a Coupé some of the open top cars were converted to Low Drag Coupes with even more powerful 340 hp motors.

94 Image2617sc

The vehicle featured in these photographs was the 9th of the 12 originals and carries the chassis number 850666.

95 Image2606sc

The car was purchased and raced by Peter Sutcliffe from 1963 to 1965.

96 Image2620sc

This was the most successful Lightweight E-type in the 1964 season scoring victories at Mallory Park, Zolder and Montlhery out side Paris, France.

Hope you have enjoyed another Lightweight edition of ‘Gettin’ a lil’ psycho on tyres’, and that you’ll join me again, for Ferrari Friday, tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !


Things to do if you have to get up at an unholy hour to take someone to a Midlands airport on a summers Wednesday morning. Visit Mallory Park !

A couple of weeks ago I had to take a very good friend to a Midlands airport for a 6 am check in one sunny Wednesday morning.

The upside was I had a lovely little black one year old 3000 mile (!) KIA to whizz around in for a week.

I heard that there was testing most Wednesdays mornings of the summer for mostly historic vehicles at Mallory Park and since my day had been written off I went along to see what all the noise was about.

I have not been to Mallory since the late 1980’s when my mate Sven was racing a Class D 105 production Alfa 33 and this was my first opportunity to see any action at Mallory Park from anywhere but the pits.

I recommend stopping of for a hand made BLT at the Cafe just by the competitors entrance I had one at 10 am and it kept me going ’til i got back to Bristol at 4pm !

Here are a couple of snaps that I took after my Breakfast feast. I am afraid I can’t tell you who all the drivers are if you know any of the answers please drop me a line and put me out of my misery 🙂

Mini Cooper, Mallory Park

Above a Mini Cooper at Shaw’s hairpin,

Lotus 23, Mallory Park

A better than new Lotus 23

Ford Cobra, Mallory Park

Cobra Coupe

Barrie Williams, Ford Zephyr, Mallory Park

Barry (Whizzo) Williams extreme right, Ford Zephyr MK11, 1956/62

Ian Ashley, Elden Mk8, Mallory Park

Former British F 5000 champ, sometime F1 and CART driver Ian Ashley in his immaculate 1972 Elden MK8 FF 1600, which goes like stink round corners with Ian at the wheel who, totally randomly, was born 14 miles from where I was some 11 1/2 years earlier.

Mike Wrigley, Matra Ford MS80, Mallory Park

Mike Wrigley in Jackie Stewart’s 1969 World Drivers Championship winning Matra MS80, JYS signed the bodywork between the shoulder height cockpit air scoop and bottom of the roll hoop at Goodwood last year I believe.

Alberique, Maserati 250 F, Mallory Park

One of two Maserati 250 F’s I saw this one driven by a gentleman that goes by the name of Alberique I believe

Kevin Musson, Lola, Mk 3, Mallory Park

Finally a Kevin Musson at the wheel of a pretty 1961 Formula Junior Lola MK3

After the lunch break a variety of bikes were due out including side car combinations unfortunately I was called away and missed them.

A couple of weeks ago a well known Indy & CART champ was in attendance so you never who you might bump into, for a fuller flavour check out this thread with over 1000 contributions by race fans.

Well worth a trip Wayne Pearson is the man in charge in the control tower worth popping up to have a look if you ask after him.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you will join me again tomorrow.