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I Am Not A Number – Lotus Super Seven 1500 Cosworth #SB1688

Series 2 Lotus Sevens were introduced in June 1960 and remained in production until August 1968, they could be ordered either ready made or as complete knockdown kits (CKD’s). In order not to attract purchase tax the CKD’s were not allowed to be sold with instruction manuals on how to assemble the car. Ever the genius Colin Chapman sold his CKD’s with instructions on how to ‘disassemble’ his CKD’s.

Lotus Super Seven 1500 Cosworth, Castle Combe C&SCAD

The Super Severn 1500 Cosworth variation of the Lotus Seven S2 was first seen in 1961 featuring 1498 cc / 91.4 cui pre coss flow Ford Motor that was more commonly found in the Ford Consul Classic, it’s two door sibling the Consul Capri and later the Ford Cortina.

Lotus Super Seven 1500 Cosworth, Castle Combe C&SCAD

Alongside the fast bits like the Cosworth camshaft and close ratio gearbox, came a Standard 10 rear axle with drum brakes, a Triumph Herald steering rack, front hubs, fitted with 9″ Girling disc brakes and on this particular car fetching optional wheels with hubcaps from the Lotus Elan.

Lotus Super Seven 1500 Cosworth, Castle Combe C&SCAD

Television buffs will recognise the Lotus Super Seven as the vehicle Patrick McGoohan selected as “A symbol of all The Prisoner was to represent; standing out from the crowd, quickness and agaility, independence and a touch of the rebel” for his character in ‘The Prisoner’ TV series.

This 1963 model, one of 1310 Series 2 cars built, is thought to have originally been sold to a Clubmans racing driver and was found and restored by the current owner eighteen years ago.

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