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Wuzzum – WSM Sprite #202

Douglas Wilson-Spratt the designer of the WSM Sprite had an engineering background with the car division of the Bristol Aircraft Company which included experience as a production test driver. Douglas worked with Jim McManus, founder member of the Healey Drivers Club and former salesman at the Donald Healey Motor company to set up the Healey Centre in London to cater for the performance Healey Market in 1962.

01 DSCN0360sc

793 XPP is a 1962 MG Midget fitted with a Douglas designed aluminium body beaten by Peels Coachworks featuring a glass fibre bonnet for Douglas’s son in law Mike Lewis .

02 DSCN0359sc

This second Douglas Sprite conversion known as WSM 202 was driven to numerous victories in racing and hill climb events by Mike in 1963.

03 DSCN0361sc

The WSM initials of Wilson-Spratt and McManus, only became a marque name after a couple of American owners needed a name for their import documents, WSM’s are occasionally referred to as Wuzzum’s.

Production was suspended after the ninth WSM was completed in 1965 and restarted with Sanction 2 WSM Sprite’s in 2008 which are still available from WSM Cars.

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