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Bertone Century – Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival

Last weekends Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival (BIAMF) celebrated the centenary of the foundation of the Bertone coach works.

Fiat X1/9 Volumex, BIAMF

One of the coolest cars in the show was this Bertone designed FIAT X1/9 which has been upgraded with a super charged Lancia Volumex motor.

Fiat Bertone Super Strada Cabrio, BIAMF

Like the X1/9 the Fiat Strada was designed by Bertone and like the X1/9 the body work of the Cabrio variant was also manufactured by Bertone, above is a second generation Super Strada Cabrio. Note outside the UK and USA the Strada was known as the Ritmo.

Maserati Merak, BIAMF

The Maserati Merak is celebrating it’s fortieth anniversary this year, the tight packaging of the mid mounted 3 litre 183 cui V6 must represent a mechanics nightmare !

Lancia Beta, BIAMF

Another model celebrating it’s fortieth anniversary is the Lancia Beta which was initially launched as in front wheel drive Belina form as seen above. The first new Lancia to be developed and manufactured under FIAT ownership the final Beta variation was mid engined Beta Montecarlo, Scorpion in the US.

Lancia Delta, BIAMF

The Lancia Delta is commonly known for it’s square styled Rally dominating four wheel Integrale variant’s, I had completely forgotten there was ever a second generation Delta like the 1997 3 door HPE version seen above. These 3 door HPE models were produced from 1995 to 1999.

Lambretta, BIAMF

The Bristol Mod Scooter Club were out in force as usual at the BIAMF this work in progress Lambretta suggests their number is growing.

MV Agusta F4, BIAMF

MV Agusta was the featured motor cycle manufacturer of the BIAMF, the tight fit of F4 exhausts look like a work of art.

My thanks to everyone involved in putting on the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival, looking forward to seeing what gems turn up next year.

Thanks for joining me on this ‘Bertone Century’ edition of ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’ I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be reviewing the Spring Performance Car Action Day at Castle Combe. Don’t forget to come back now !


Eye popping variety – Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival

Yesterday was a long day due to a variety of pleasurable commitments which meant I got up at 7 am so that I could go down to watch the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival being set up.

01 Image3274sc

Getting up so early was not in the least disappointing , seeing my home city centre full of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s, a couple of De Tomaso’s and a familiar Lamborghini amongst many others, some models of which I saw close up for the very first time.

It was a particular joy to briefly meet David who’s Special ALFA Romeo Lenham Healey was featured on this blog some month’s ago and Richard Harman who’s extremely rare South African Autodelta 3 litre / 183 cui ALFA Romeo GTV6 will be feature on this blog in the not to distant future.

02 Image3312sc

As the name suggests this Festival is a veneration of all modes of Italian powered personal transport including a stunning array of motor bikes, Benelli, Laverda, Ducatti, Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta among them, many worthy of inclusion in this blog and indeed one will also appear on this blog in the near future.

03 Image3273sc

Finally mention should be made of the many ‘Mods’ who turned up on their Lambretta’s and provided a welcome Quadrophenia inspired sound system to their area of the Festival.

I’d like to thank the organisers for arranging a memorable day out in my adopted home town and thank all those who took the time and trouble to bring their bella machina’s from far and wide, I look forward to sharing more detailed images and stories of some of the 50 vehicles I photographed during my all too brief two hour visit.

Compared to last years excellent Festival the organisers excelled themselves and cranked up the level of expectation for next year up another notch.

Hope you have enjoyed todays Italian edition of ‘Gettin a lil’ psycho on tyres’ and that you’ll join me again tomorrow when God willing I’ll be reporting on my competition debut in the discipline of Production Car Car Trial’s. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and don’t forget to come back now !