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Unlimited Grass Track Racer – #SS11 Xtreme Chevrolet

It is a great privilege to get down and dirty on the 11th Day of Christmas with Adrian Turners eye popping Unlimited Class 10 #SS11 Xtreme Chevrolet grass track racer built in 2009.

State of the art Xtreme Race Car chassis have been built in Somerset by South Somerset Autograss Club founder members and regular race winners John Gay and Russ Shepherd since 2006.

Adrian Turner a building contractor started racing in 1984 and qualified for the 2010 Nationals with this car.

The National Autograss Sport Association (NASA) Class 10 is for open wheel vehicles with motors over 2065 cc / 126 cui with no limits on the tuning. Adrian’s car is fitted with an all aluminium (US pronunciation) 5,665 cc / 345.7 cui LS6 engine more usually found at home in the front of a Chevrolet Corvette.

Lighter than a Formula One car at 600 kgs / 1323 lb and with around 480 hp at the rear wheels transmitted by a two speed gear box the #SS11 Xtreme Chevrolet is capable of over 100 miles an hour on 1/4 mile muddy grass tracks thanks to the grip afforded by 15 inches of rear suspension travel.

Sadly soon after I took my photographs of the #SS11 Xtreme Chevrolet it was badly damaged by crash barriers after a roll while in the hands of one of Adrian’s friends, thankfully no one was hurt. Adrian plans to rebuild the chassis around a smaller engine with a FIAT Seicento body.

I’d like to thank Tim Street of Rebel Racers for his assistance and the last photo in this blog and Adrian for his time, I am sure you will join me in wishing them both the best of luck for the season ahead, I look forward to catching Tim and Adrian at the first grass track meeting of the year at Oak Tree Arena on the 20th of March.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s grass roots edition of ‘Getting a lil’ psycho on tyres’ and that you’ll hop aboard with me tomorrow on the 12th and final day of Christmas for a ride on an icon from London. Don’t forget to come back now !


Keep turning right – 2010 Somerset Grand Prix

Yesterday I took a couple of hours off to visit Oak Tree Arena home of Somerset Raceway. Finding it was none to easy as the track, which opened in 2008 has yet to be photographed for Google Earth, however it’s off Junction 22 of the M5 on the A38 heading for Bridgewater, a tad south of Burnham Without.

I didn’t spot the signage first time but a local resident kindly pointed me in the right direction.

Above Dan Lewis Class 5 Mini.

This weekends event was billed as the Somerset Grand Prix, a round of the 2010 National Autograss Championship, hosted by the South Somerset Auto Grass Club under the National Autograss Sport Associations governance.

Above Otis Williams, Class 1 (Junior), Mini.

NASA promotes Autograss as a family sport catering for Juniors aged 12

Above, Paul, Fackerells, Class 10, Special.

with Seniors starting at 16 and allegedly running up to and over 70 !

Above, John Gays Class 7 Suzuki SC100.

Cars run in 10 classes which split into bodied

Above open wheel Specials.

and space frame open wheel specials.

Above Peugeot 205 & Vauxhall Nova.

NASA Autograss racing is a non contact sport run professionally for amateurs, the racing is close, and atmosphere friendly. I look forward to watching how the the Oak Tree Arena develops as a venue in the future. One things for sure I’ll certainly be going back.

Further NASA fixtures can be seen here. Information about the South Somerset Autograss Club can be found here.

Don’t forget to come back now ! Hear ?