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Huge Torque – Hispano Delage 500CV

Today’s featured car, like Cristopher Williams Napier Bentley, is a VSCC special, a car assembled from period parts that were not necessarily assembled in the current combination back in the day.

Hispano Delage 500CV, Anthony Howart, VSCC Loton Park

The chassis for Anthony Howart’s Special comes from a 1926 Delage. I suspect, though it is unconfirmed that this is the type of chassis fitted with a 10.5 litre / 640 cui Delage V12 that 4’10” Canadian Mrs Kay Petre used to set a fastest ladies lap around Brooklands of 134 mph in 1935.

Hispano Delage 500CV, Anthony Howart, VSCC Loton Park

The 27 litre / 1,647 cui Hispano Suiza V12 Type H.S. 57 12 Mb motor for this car was built in 1930 and produces well over 500hp at 2000 rpm it was most commonly found in French built aircraft like the military; Blériot-SPAD 91-7, Nieuport-Delage 622 and 629 aircraft.

Anthony who has owned the one and a half tonne special since 2007 says the motor has huge torque and requires a soft touch on the accelerator if one is to avoid taking off.

Thanks for joining me on this “Huge Torque” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow for Coffee, Mince Pies and Cars. Don’t forget to come back now !