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Françoise Hardy & The BMW Powered MOPAR – GALPOT Automobilia

I’ve been having a bit of a clear out whilst reorganising my library and the time has come to dispose of a number of items which may be of interest through my lightpress account on e-bay.

First up is an eclectic collection of some 40 odd car advertisements from the French magazine Connaissance des arts from the late 60’s to early 70’s, which I’ll be posting over the coming weeks, below is a small selection of the ads I posted over the weekend.

François Hardy, Uniroyal,  Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

François Hardy is probably best known amongst petrol heads as one of the stars of John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film Grand Prix in which she plays the role of Lisa girlfriend of the hot Italian rookie Nino Barlini played by Antonio Sabàto. As well as being an actress François is also a popular singer and model. Above she appears in an undated 1969 ad for Uniroyal tyres. The strap line translates as “Farnçoise Hardy has big feet”.

ALFA Romeo, Giulia 105, Rodriguez, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

Regular readers will know that I have an abstract photography practice based on images of blurry light, one of many antecedents in this area of practice was the French commercial photographer who I only know as “Rodriguez” who took the photo of the 105 series Alfa Romeo Giulia appearing in this advertisement which is dated October 1969 on the reverse.

NSU, Spider, Wankel  Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

The worlds first production car powered by a rotary Wankel motor was the 1964 NSU Spider seen in the advertisement dated March 1967 above. In all just over 2,000 of these 50 hp machines were built between 1964 and 1967. Jay Leno is a current owner of one of them about which he made this linked short film.

Chrysler, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

Finally for this week there is this undated Chrysler ad which was published somewhere between 1965 and 1966. What is particularly interesting is that alongside a Valiant V200/Dart 270, a Plymouth Barracuda, Plymouth Fury III, Chrysler 300 Coupé and 145 hp Space Saver Parmi marine motor there appears a curiosity built in Thessalonika, Greece called the Farmobile.

Chrysler, Farmobile, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

The Farmobile holds the disitinction of being the only MOPAR vehicle to be powered by a BMW motorcycle engine, found in the back, which transmits drive to the rear wheels through a Porsche designed 4 speed gearbox. It is thought less than 1000 of these vehicles were built by Farco which was thought to have been acquired by Chrysler in order to gain access to the West German market.

For the rest of the month I’ll be posting further updates of my e-bay listings on Tuesdays to test the water.

Thanks for joining me on this “Françoise Hardy and French Car Advertisements” edition on “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres”, I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !


On Prince’s And Pharoh’s – NSU Prinz 30

NSU was founded as a knitting machine manufacturer in 1873, moving into bicycle manufacture in 1886 and motorcycle manufacture in 1901 by which time it had ceased making knitting machines. In 1905 NSU began manufacturing motor cars of their own design before production was given over to the manufacture of FIAT cars under license in 1929. The production of FIAT’s under the NSU-FIAT brand continued until 1967. Thereafter FIAT cars were manufactured at the same factory under license but marketed under the FIAT brand until 1973.

NSU Prinz, Malta Classic Car Collection

Capitalising on the goodwill and reputation of it’s motorcycle business, the first motorcycle to reach 200 mph was an NSU in 1955, the company moved back into manufacture of a car of it’s own design in 1957 with the NSU Prinz 30.

NSU Prinz, Malta Classic Car Collection

Although billed as a Wunder Buy! full four seater in reality the rear seats were only suitable for small children.

NSU Prinz, Malta Classic Car Collection

In order to keep the maintenance to a minimum the rear mounted 20 hp 583 cc / 35.6 cui air cooled two cylinder, motor cycle derived, engine, gearbox and transaxle were contained in a single casting meaning that the lubricating oil level could be maintained from a single filler, the only other lubrication required was for the king pins on either side of the front suspension.

Production of the Prinz 30 lasted until 1962 by which time models were also being built in Australia, the Prinz 30 floor pan and drive was also used to launch Egypt’s entry into motor vehicle manufacture for various NSU Ramses vehicles including the Utilica and Gamila the latter featuring a Vignale styled cabriolet body.

Thanks for joining me on this “On Prince’s And Pharoh’s” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow for Americana Thursday when I’ll be looking at an Italian Styled Chevrolet. Don’t forget to come back now !