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Je N’est Pas Brian Culcheth – Triumph 2500 PI Mk2

A couple of weeks ago I went to a highly entertaining talk given by Rally Champion Brian Culcheth who with Johnstone Syer finished second in the 1970 Daily Mirror World Cup Rally as celebrated in today’s featured French Triumph ad.

As the talk progressed it soon become apparent that the Quadrant ad agency had somehow managed to select the wrong car for the bottom photo because Brian Culcheth and Johnstone Syer started the 1970 World Cup Rally in a white #88 Triumph 2500 PI Mk2.

Triumph 2500 PI Mk2, Lloyd Hirst, Englefield, Baker, 1970 Daily Mirror World Cup Rally,

The #39 depicted was infact a ‘private’ entry crewed by Adrian Lloyd-Hirst, Brian Englefield and Keith Baker. With the perspective of nearly 50 years there are numerous accounts about this entry which I shall attempt to sumarise below.

Ordnance Survey employee Peter Dyer and fellow employee Keith Baker appear to have got the ball rolling when Peter mentioned the rally to Keith and his friend Adrian Lloyd- Hirst over a couple of beers at a motor club meeting somewhere north of Southampton.

According to Brian Engelfield Adrian managed to persuade a Graham Robinson to buy the left hand drive car which is believed to have come through John McCartney at the Triumph Dealership in Berkley Square London, thought the ‘KV’ part of the registration belies the fact that this car was originally registered in Triumph’s home town of Coventry.

While there has never been any suggestion UKV701H was prepared by the works Triumph team at Abingdon or at the Special Tuning department next door the #39 appears to have been fitted with numerous parts supplied by the works team which include the sump guard, spot light arrangement, 15″ Minilites, air intake scoop on bonnet, roof ventilator, bag tanks (see the fuel filler in the r/h rear wing which suggests that like the Austin Maxi I looked at last week this car was given a good deal of works assistance.

The #39 was officially entered by Adrian Lloyd-Hirst who is described variously as a scrap dealer, a publican and there is also a possibility that he was a Royal Naval Commander and Author.

Having survived the European leg of the rally the #39 appears to have retired near Montevideo in Uruguay with suspension problems. Brian Englefield had hoped to acquire the car from Graham Robinson but it was sold by Grahams estate after he died unexpectedly to Peter Barker in Jersey who had the car given the Jersey licence plate J 6749.

Brian drove the car twice more with Peter Barker in the 1972 Scottish Rally and with Ian McKean on the 1972 TAP Rally in Portugal.

According to Brian Engelfield the car ended up rusting away in Cornwall.

My thanks to Peter Dyer, Brian Engelfield and Jason Chinn for their comments about UKW701H at The Nostalgia Forum.

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The Karmann Influence – Triumph TR6 PI

01 Image2578sc

The Triumph TR6 PI (Petrol Injection) was in production from 1969 – 1976 during which time a then record 94,619 (Injection & Carburettor ) models were produced of which less than 10 percent were sold in the UK.

02 Image2564sc

Allegedly the squared off look was the outcome of a consultancy contract with Karmann.

03 Image2565sc

The Lucas Fuel injection gave the 2489cc / 151 cui straight 6 150hp though it is said the 104 hp carburettor US version was far more reliable. The car came with a standard 4 speed gearbox with overdrive on 2nd, 3rd & 4th available as an optional extra.

04 Image2566sc

The performance figure from rest to 60 mph was 8.2 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph.

05 Image2567sc

To bring the car safely to rest disc brakes were fitted to the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear independent suspension.

06 Image2568sc

Unusually for the time the TR6 was made using a chassis with body panels bolted on rather than a monocoque (unitary) construction that had become widespread during the course of the 1960’s.

07 Image2570sc

Later TR6 PI’s had a engines tuned to a more tractable 120 hp.

08 Image2569sc

The registration plate on this vehicle indicates this vehicle may have first been registered in Kent between 1974 and 1975.

If you’d like to experience a TR6 but with an older style body you could try signing up with the Huet Brothers in the Netherlands for a ride in an HB Special complete with tuned TR6 motor and chassis.

If you have any TR6 experiences or memories, please do not be shy share them below.

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