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Anti Rattle Fastening – Chevrolet AK Pickup

In 1941 Chevrolet introduced the AK series pickups to compete with the likes of the Prow Front Fords and Job Related Dodges.

Chevolet AK Pickup, Silverstone Classic

AK series trucks were related to but more substantial than the Chevrolet AG series sedan delivery and pickup vehicles sharing a 90 hp 216 cui straight 6 engine option.

Chevolet AK Pickup, Silverstone Classic

The AK was also offered with a Load Master six cylinder 93 hp 235 cui motor that offered substantially more torque.

Chevolet AK Pickup, Silverstone Classic

The windscreen on the AK model could be cranked open and ordered with an optional second windscreen wiper, the only other option was a heater.

Chevolet AK Pickup, Silverstone Classic.

Sales literature noted that the AK’s heavily reinforced all steel tailgate was fitted with an “anti rattle fastening”. The AK series was built between 1941 and 1947, there are no official details available on the age of the vehicle see here at the time of writing.

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