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MK IV Details – UK MKIVS Megameet

For those like me who chose to live a no budget life style running a vehicle is made a lot easier thanks to owners forums.

UK MKIVs Megameet

Soon after acquiring my Golf Mk IV a couple of years ago one of it’s tailgate struts started to come adrift and when I checked on the internet how I might fix it I stumbled on the UK MKIVs Forum which provided the answer.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV, UK MKIVs Megameet

A couple of month’s ago I revisited the site to get some advice on brakes and noticed that a couple of members were organising a Megameet at Frankies Field, Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire at the friendly price of completely free and managed to get to the last day of the meeting which included a show and shine competition and a game of cricket, above winner of the best engine bay award was “tolucophoto”.

Volkswagen Bora, UK MKIV's Megameet

Deleting door handles is one way to make ones car more aerodynamically efficient, apparently to open the doors on this Bora one has to press a button below the door mirror.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV, UK MKIVs Megameet

Above a 2003 R32, one of each of the original four colours was present reflects a couple of fluffy white clouds.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV, UK MKIVs Megameet

If you want to get down you need to ride on air, one day I hope to check out just how good the ride really is.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV, UK MKIVs Megameet

All too soon the cricket was over, I never broke my duck in three innings nor did I make a catch, and the prizes had been awarded and it was time to say good bye, I look forward to returning to next years event when I hope to make a weekend of it.

More pics of the event on these links from dan Ward and LTgoodevil, my thanks to our hosts Dan and Royce.

Thanks for joining me on this “MK IV Details” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at an easy to replicate, yet difficult to authenticate special edition. Don’t forget to come back now !