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Pre Spin Off – Dodge Ram Pace Truck

In late 2008 Dodge launched it’s forth generation (DS/DJ) Ram pickups, like the trend setting second (BR/BE) and third (DR/DH/D1/DC/DM) generation Ram pickups the big rig styling theme was kept and subtly updated.

Dodge Ram, Re/Max 250, Talladega, Superspeedway

As well as serving as pace truck the Dodge Ram above also served as camera truck as the field for the ARCA RE/MAX 250 prepared to leave pit road on the Friday before the Spring 2009 Aarons 499.

Dodge Ram, Aarons 499, Talladega, Superspeedway

Power options ranged from 215 hp 3.7 litre / 226 cui PowerTech V6 to 390 hp 5.7 litre / 345 cui cui Hemi V8 with a 350 hp Cummins Diesel added in 2010. The body options were one 2 door and three 4 door options plus the Dually on the heaviest trucks in the range. 2 or 4 wheel drive could also be specified across the range.

Dodge Ram, Aarons 499, Talladega, Superspeedwayadega, Superspeedway

Midway through 2009 Dodge owners Chrysler filed under Chapter 11 and entered into a deal with FIAT which saw the Dodge brand emerge as an automobile only brand and spun Ram spun off as a Pickup and Commercial Vehicle only brand, making the Aarons 499 Dodge pace truck seen here at Talladega one of the last to be sold under the Dodge Ram brand name.

The Pace truck above is seen in front of the #39 and #88 Chevrolets of Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt JR prior to the final restart of the Aarons 499, the finish of which will be best remembered for the incident between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski which saw Keslowski take his maiden Sprint Cup win and Edwards bounce of the retaining fence so that he ended up crossing the line on foot classified 24th. Newman who was caught in the fracas which ensued crossed in third behind an unscathed Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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