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Perfect Daily Driver – Daimler Sovereign Coupé

Today’s post is dedicated to yet another GALPOT Birthday Boy Racer187 who some of you may know as the Rowdy Racer with a Daimler SP 250 I blogged about late last year.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé

Today’s vehicle in featured vehicle in honor of Ryan is a Daimler Sovereign Pillarless Coupé which of the badge engineered Daimlers is my personal favorite.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé, Goodwood Revival

This particular Right Hand Drive (RHD) 4.2 liter six cylinder model, described by the owner a a ‘Perfect Daily Driver’ appears to have been driven around 500 miles from Remscheid in Germany all the way to the Goodwood Revival.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé, Goodwood Revival

The Daimler Sovereign Pillarless Coupé was in production from 1974 to 1978 and apart from its fluted grill and badges was externally identical to the Jaguar XJ Coupé but less than a third of the Jaguar / Daimler Coupé’s were Daimler variations.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé, Goodwood Revival

Due to issues with the paint going brittle as it oxidized and flexing in the pillar less roof vinyl roofs were standard on both variants of the Coupé to hide the cracked paint where the roof flexed. The vinyl roofs then acted as moisture traps when the paint beneath did crack causing rusting issues. Modern paints do not become so brittle and some restorations of these models have the vinyl roof removed.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé, Goodwood Revival

This particular car has been subjected to a fully documented bare metal restoration which includes being repainted in Jaguar Squadron Blue.

Daimler Sovereign Coupé, Goodwood Revival

What I particularly like about this restoration is that it features the correct vinyl roof and XJ / Sovereign Series II bumpers, all of the XJ / Sovereign Coupés were built with Series II bodies and chassis.

Wishing Racer187 aka Ryan Smith a very Happy Birthday.

Thanks for joining me on this Sovereign Pillarless Coupé edition of ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’, I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !