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Coffee, Croissant & Cars #5 – Avenue Drivers Club

Last Sunday I was due to take part in a production trial however for the second time this season heavy rain the week before saw the event canceled so I trundled down the hill to Queen Square in Bristol on Sunday for a morning of Coffee, Croissant & Cars, well actually Rooisbos Tea, Lemon Cake and Cars but I’m sure you’ll forgive the truth getting in the way of a good headline.

Robin Hood S7, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

Adding to the collection of vehicle manufacturers I have never heard of before, above is a Robin Hood S7, a kit car made, quelle surprise, in Nottingham, unlike the Caterham 7 the Robin Hood uses a steel monocoque chassis in place of the space frame chassis of it’s better known competitor.

Nissan 100 NX Pacific, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

Nissan’s 100NX is a small sports orientated vehicle alongside the 200SX and larger 300ZX that was built from 1991 to 1996. The Targa top is a factory option unlike the wild body panels on the front and sides.

Triumph Stag, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

A law student friend of mine had a Triumph Stag back in the early 1980’s and he used to take great delight in filling it with five people and going into town for a wild night out on the tiles in it. Regrettably it was in nowhere near as good condition as this example built in 1971.

Citroen 2CV, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

Easily the most fun car I have ever driven is Citroen’s 2CV this one dates from 1989 just over a year before production came to an end after 42 years.

Marcos Mantara, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

In 1992 Marcos abandoned the kit car market in favour of manufacturing complete vehicles like the Mantara, this 1996 model is powered by a 3.9 litre / 240.7 cui all aluminium Rover V8 that dates back to Buick in 1960.

Wolseley 1500, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

This 1961 Series II Wolseley 1500 share it’s chassis and running gear with the Morris Minor but shares its body with the Riley 1.5.

Jensen 541, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

This 1956 Jensen 541 is powered by a 125 hp Austin Sheerline six cylinder limousine motor enough to give glass fibre the four seater a 120 mph plus performance.

Austin Seven, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

The sort of car one might have expected to see taking part in Production car trials in 1938 is this Austin Seven, probably nearly as much driving one of these as a 2CV judging by the smile on the drivers face.

BMW M3, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

The BMW M3 was primarily devised as a production car on which to base racing versions to run against the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and Mercedes 190 2.3-16V. It had 12 body panels that differed to the stand 3 series E30 body shell including the high boot / trunk lid and spoiler. This completely original 1987 example looks like is a sure Concours d’Elegance winner.

TVR Vixen S2, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

Launched in 1967 with an 88 hp Ford Kent motor the glass fibre bodied TVR Vixen easily out performed mass produced sports cars like the large engined MGB GT, the example above is a 1969 Vixen S2.

Austin 1800, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

The Austin 1800 was voted Car of the Year in 1965 when it was launched, it’s odd dimensions are the result of it having a transverse mounted motor and front wheel drive. Over the years it was steadily improved the car above appears to be a 1973 Series 3 version.

Ford F100, Avenue Drivers Club, Bristol

Finally just as the morning came to a close a couple of US 8 foot beds that never have to be made turned up including this 1971 fifth Generation Ford F100 which comes with a 5.9 litre / 359 cui V8 motor.

Thanks for joining me on this “Coffee, Croissant & Cars #5” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at a little pick up. Don’t forget to come back now !