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Ferrari Friday – Classic Motor Show NEC Birmingham

Among the 1700 classic cars on display at last weeks Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham there were at least a dozen Ferrari’s and for Ferrari Friday I have selected half a dozen of the best.

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham

Having survived the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the 1992 Hurricane Iniki this Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta has a few stories to tell, amazingly it’s history is known right back to the individual Ferrari employees names at the factory responsible for putting individual components together.

Ferrari 275 GTB/2, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham

By way of complete contrast this 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 has had a quiet life it was sold originally to an owner in the UK and in 1982 was transfered to German ownership until October 2013 when it was acquired by restoration experts DK Engineering on behalf of it’s now third owner.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham

Anyone carrying £625,000 pounds in their back pocket could have bought this 1973 Ferrari Daytona, one of 158 original right hand drive examples that can whisk the occupants up to 60 mph from rest in just 5.4 seconds and on up to 174 mph.

Ferrari 512BBi, Classic Motor Show, NEC,

Only 42 RHD Ferrari 512BBi’s were built and after a £45,000 recommissioning this 1982 example with 16,700 miles on the clock was being offered for £260,000 a veritable bargain if one is not in the market for a V12 powered Ferrari aside from the bargain basement 400/412 models which rarely fetch close to even £50,000.

Ferrari Testarossa, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham

Looking like it might have just come off the Miami Vice set, yes I know it’s the wrong colour, was this 1989 Ferrari Testarossa with just 13,000 miles on the clock.

Ferrari F40, Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham

Surprisingly given the models reputation for being one of the all time greatest drives the 1991 Ferrari F40 above has covered just 1,100 miles with it’s owner in Italy and more recent collector in Japan.

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Baby Testarossa – Ferrari 348 TS

On Monday I looked at the GMC Syclone that was faster than a Ferrari, up to the 1/4 mile, today I am looking at the Spyder version of the Ferrari 348 that Car & Driver pitted the Syclone against in a road test.

Ferrari 348ts, BIAMF

The Ferrari 348 replaced the Ferrari 328 in 1989,

Ferrari 348ts, BIAMF

taking many of it’s striking styling queues from the Testarossa launched in 1984. The side mounted radiators meant passengers did not get toasted by the radiator pipes that ran alongside the cabin of the earlier 328 which featured a radiator mounted in the nose.

Ferrari 348ts, BIAMF

The 300 hp V8 motor was mounted longitudinally with a transverse gearbox ahead of the rear wheels, the opposite configuration of the earlier 328 which featured a transverse V8 engine and longitudinal gearbox.

Ferrari 348ts, BIAMF

While the Syclone proved faster than the 348 up to the 1/4 mile it soon ran out of puff when it reached 126 mph meaning this is the view Syclone drivers would get of the Ferrari as it powered up to 166 mph in a straight race.

Ferrari 348ts, BIAMF

8844 of these vehicles were produced from 1989 to 1995.

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Ferrari Testarossa

Sometime in the early 1990’s I was tootling a long a one track country lane in Hampshire on a wonderful summers afternoon, with the roof of my Citroen 2CV down, when I caught site of a bright red object in my rear view mirror.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

Behind me was a Ferrari Testarossa with absolutely nowhere to go until we got to the next junction. Fortunately I went straight and the Testarossa went left. A couple of minuets later I got to my friends house where there was a note requesting that I go and pick up their kids from primary school, something I had done once or twice before.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

When I got to the tiny village school there in the car park was the bright red Testarossa. I had arrived a couple of minuets early and the school secretary motioned that I sit down to wait for class to be dismissed. As I did so I noticed through the glass door to one of the classrooms was the familiar, to me through hundreds of images I had seen, figure of James Hunt reading a story to what turned out to be his son Freddies class.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

The kids were absolutely captivated by his magnetism and completely oblivious to the reputation of the one who was reading to them. I can’t be sure the Ferrari James was driving that day was really his by then I seem to recall hearing that his Mercedes was up on blocks and that he was mostly to be found driving around in an ancient Austin A35 Van, featured yesterday, but no matter I saw a slice of James life that I will always treasure as much as his victory at the Nurburgring in 1976, which I also was lucky enough to see.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

The Ferrari Testarossa was launched in 1984 as a top of the range model to replace the Ferrari 365 GTB4 / 512 Berlineta Boxer series. Powered by a 390 hp 48 valve Colomdo designed flat 12 with red cylinder heads, which was good for a top speed of 180 mph.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

The Testarossa name is not to be confused with famous 1956 Ferrari Testa Rossa sports racing car which would probably be worth a lot more than a Testarossa, in any condition.

Ferrari Testarossa, Silverstone Classic

The $181,000 Testarossa, which was never raced but did make a cameo appearance in a TV show called Miami Mice, cashed in on the Ferrari reputation big time. Nearly 10,000 examples were built including 512 TR and F512 M variants launched in ’92 and ’95 respectively.

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