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Die Another Day – Ford Thunderbird

Ford revived the Personal Luxury Thunderbird model in 2002 following the success of various retro models including the the VW Golf based Beetle, and BMWs all new retro look Mini and Chryslers retro P/T Cruiser Ford designers took styling cues for the rebirth of the the Thunderbird name, which disappeared in 1997, from the 1954 first generation Thunderbird.

Ford Thunderbird, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu,

The new Thunderbird turned heads where ever it went according to one journalist and received the Motor Trend Car Of the Year Award from an adoring press. For a short time 11th Generation Thunderbirds even sold at a premium off the forecourts however Ford chose not to back it’s new jewel with the kind of marketing to which the public for luxury trucks had become accustomed and so just 19,000 Thunderbirds were sold in 2002 about a fifth short of what had been anticipated.

Ford Thunderbird, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu,

Despite cameo appearances in the 2004 science fiction kids film Thunderbirds an marginally more adult orientated 2002 James Bond thriller Die Another Day in which Bond’s side kick US agent Jinx played by Halle Berry appeared in today’s all Coral coloured car.

Ford Thunderbird, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu,

Unfortunately the lack of marketing, and possibly the lack of performance options which appear to have been lavished by the bucket load on the 2005 retro futurist Sid Ramnarace designed Ford Mustang, killed the Thunderbird off for a second time in 2005 with just 67,518 examples produced including a limited production run of 700 for the 007 special edition commemorating “Die Another Day”.

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Sorry I’m late. Some idiot in a red Lamborghini parked in my spot.

Following on from yesterdays dream pick up, earlier this year Bristol hosted a classic car show in the middle of town where I saw for the first time up close my all time favourite 2 + 2 sports car and by far my favourite Lamborghini.

Powered by a 3929 cc / 239 cui 325 hp 60 degree V12, this gorgeous if monstrous vehicle measures is 186 inches long, 73 inches wide and is 46 inches high, that’s just six inches higher than a GT 40 !

1217 Espada models were built from 1968 to 1978, the name refers to the sword used by Spanish bull fighters .

The Espada was designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone and reminds me of the vehicles from the 1960’s sci fi puppet tv series “Thunderbirds”.

Late Kudos

To Alsatian Sebastian Loeb on lifting his all time record seventh World Rally Drivers Title !

And to Greg Biffle on winning at Kansas, looks like Jimmy is the target again huh ?

Go Happy ! Go Harvick ! Go #29 !

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