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Chrome, Stripes And A Sheriff – Classics At The Castle

This weeks Americana Thursday blog comes from Classics at the Castle where a fabulous selection of US cars were on display.

Pontiac Le Mans, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

My favourite was this ’67 Pontiac Le Mans, somewhere around the time this car was built the US show the Monkees hit our shores and even on the steam powered black and white the Pontiac derived Monkeemobile looked like the coolest thing on the planet perhaps bettered only by the crime fighting jet powered Batmobile.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

I looked at a Mustang Cobra Jet a couple of weeks ago, it apppears that there are at least two in south west.

Ford Crown Victoria, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

Similarly I looked at a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor not so long ago, this one is said to have served Hurricane Katrina hero Sheriff Bill McGee who commandeered water for citizens in Forrest County, Mississippi from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for which he was charged with interfering with, intimidating and impeding a federal officer.

Cadillac Coupé de Ville, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

In 1957 you would be pushed to find more graceful Detroit sheet metal than that found on the Cadillac Series 62 Coupé de Ville.

Ford Tudor, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

I know at least one of my regular readers is a stripping expert, here are some I found on the back of a ’47 Ford Tudor.

Oldsmobile Cutlass, Classics At The Castle, Sherborne

Finally a tail light from a ’72 Oldsmobile Cutlass, not a manufacturer we see much of on this side of the pond.

Thanks for joining me on this “Chrome, Stripes And A Sheriff” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres”, I hope you will join me for Ferrari Friday tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !