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Which Type ? – Lotus Esprit X180R

In 1990 Lotus built 2 racing cars based on the Peter Stevens designed Esprit Turbo SE X180 which became known as the X180R and everyone appears to agree that the car was given the Lotus Type 105 number. These cars were built to be raced in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Escort World Challenge by Doc Bundy and Scott Lagasse and won 4 times in 8 races.

Lotus  Esprit X180R, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Flush with success Lotus then built three new 300hp versions of the X180R’s the following season for the IMSA Bridgestone Super Car Championship in 1991 which Doc Bundy duly won in 1992.

There is some disagreement amongst internet sources about the type numbers of the 3 cars built in 1991 which some sources suggest were given the Type 106 number while others have it that all five race cars built in 1990 and 1991 are Type 105’s and that 20 road going versions of the X180R racer were given the Lotus Type 106 type number. Other sources suggest the 20 road going versions of the X180R are actually Type 105’s.

To confuse the identification issue further it would appear the 2 1990 race cars were updated to 1991 spec so technically these might be Type 105/106’s.

If you are a Lotus historian and can definitively put the record straight on the type 105’s and 106’s please do not hesitate to chime in below. I’d be most grateful.

The car seen above driven by Doc Bundy at Goodwood Festival of Speed carries the later 1991 spec body work differentiated by the splitter (green) that runs into extended lower front wheel arches (also green)

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