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Theosophical Pickup – Standard Vanguard Phase II Pickup

In 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay founded the Standard Motor Company in Coventry England. 42 years later after WW2, during which Standard had been involved in the production of utility vehicles and various aircraft including the Mosquito night fighter bomber, Standard recommenced production of civilian vehicles, bought the remains of the Triumph Motor Company which went into receivership in 1939 and was kept busy post war initially with the production of Ferguson Tractors.

Standard Pickup, Classic Car Show, NEC, Birmingham

In 1948 the all new Plymouth inspired 2 litre 122 cui Standard Vanguard Phase 1 replaced all existing models and remained in production until replaced by the Phase II in March 1953, the main external difference being the Beetle back of the Phase I being replaced by a regular 3 box 4 door saloon shape for the Phase II.

Standard Pickup, Classic Car Show, NEC, Birmingham

By this time Standard were also involved in the production of Rolls Royce Avon jet engines for use in Britains fleet of nuclear armed V-Bombers like the https://www.psychoontyres.co.uk/wings-wheels-dunsfold-aerodrome/12-dscn6360sc/, these motors fitted with afterburners would also form the basis of the Rolls Royce Olympus jets that were fitted to Concorde the worlds only operational supersonic passenger airliner.

Standard Pickup, Classic Car Show, NEC, Birmingham

Apologies I digress alongside the Phase I and Phase II passenger Vanguards Standard also manufactured Pickups which like all other Vanguards seemed to be particularly popular with the Royal Air Force. Phase II Vanguards were manufactured until 1956, a completely new body Vanguard having been introduced in 1955.

Standard Pickup, Classic Car Show, NEC, Birmingham

Today’s featured Pickup, seen at last years Classic Motor Show, was restored some ten years ago and was recently offered on e-bay where it was noted that a floor operated manual Triumph TR3 four speed gearbox with overdrive. The top bid for the Standard Pickup was £7,200 pounds but this was below the reserve so the car appears not to have sold.

While researching today’s blog I stumbled across this linked page for the Theosophy Wales Society who appear to be big fans of all Standard Vangards which remained in production until 1963 in the UK while production of Phase I Vanguard UTE (Pickup) continued until 1964 in Australia.

Thanks for joining me on this “Theosophical Pickup” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me tomorrow for a look at a bright green mid engined icon from Italy. Don’t forget to come back now !