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More Mini Fun – ABS Freestyle

While at Dundry for the Cross Trophy Car Trial on Sunday I came across several vehicles about which I knew very little including this ABS Freestyle.

21 Image3376sc

Manufactured by Westholme Aviation Limited in Somerset this kit car was marketed by Funbuggies.

22 Image3377sc

The steering gear from a Mini is bolted onto the front of the chassis, with integral roll cage,

23 Image3393sc

and a similarly sourced engine and gearbox is bolted on to the back.

24 Image3375sc

Extra grip to the rear, driven, wheels is afforded by the two spare wheels mounted on a separate cage behind the engine.

25 Image3407sc

This ABS Freestyle which is SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) tested and road registered is shared by father and son Richard and Matthew who trailer the Freestyle to and from events as it does not offer much protection from inclement weather.

Unfortunately ABS Freestyles are no longer in production and Funbuggies appears to be no longer in business.

SOT further to yesterdays blog it turns out that not only did I win the front engine front wheel drive class in Sundays Cross Trophy Car Trial but Tim Murray informs me that my scores when adjusted by an index against all the entries in the other ‘Clubsport’ classes that I also won the Cross Trophy as well ! I am honoured, humbled and pleased as punch. Apparently the trophy will be awarded at the end of season AGM which will no doubt be the subject of another blog.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s Freetstyle edition of ‘Gettin’ a lil psycho on tyres’ and that you’ll join me again tomorrow for a look at a show stopper. Don’t forget to come back now !