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Worplesdon Racer – Condor S11

1959 Le Mans 2 litre Class winner Ted Whiteaway teamed up with Michael Thorburn and Bert Barrett both formerly with Connaught to build a Formula Junior car under the Condor Motor Car Company of Worplesdon, Surrey, name operating from The Grosvenor Garage, Worplesdon Road, Guildford in 1960.

Condor, Oulton Park

The Condor was designed by draughtsman Dick Basher who fitted a modified Triumph engine to the prototype, though later examples were powered by Ford and BMC motors.

Condor SII, Keith Roach, Oulton Park,

While the incomplete records available to me show Ted Whiteaway entered for several events, in a Triumph powered Condor, he did not attend, the earliest start I can find for a Condor was in the 22nd British Empire Race at Silverstone on the 1st of October 1960 from which Mike Thorburn retired in his Ford powered Condor.

Condor SII, Keith Roach, Oulton Park,

At the time of writing I am not sure how many production Condor’s were built, but there appears to be at least one other example currently extent in the United States.

Keith Roach is seen in these photographs at the wheel of his 1960 Condor S11 at Caslte Combe and Oulton Park respectively.

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