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Bigger Faster 124 – FIAT 125

Like the FIAT 124 I looked at last week, the FIAT 125 launched in 1967 shared some parts with it’s predecessor notably in this instance the longer chassis from the FIAT 1500.

Fiat 125, BIAMF, Bristol,

The doors and passenger compartment of the FIAT 125 are identical except that the rear seat is mounted 3 inches further back thanks to the slightly longer wheel base.

Fiat 125, BIAMF, Bristol,

The 90hp twin overhead cam 1600 cc / 97 cui 4 cylinder motor was shared with some of the later FIAT 124 Sport Coupé and Sport Spider models as was the initial 4 speed gearbox.

Fiat 125, BIAMF, Bristol,

Like the FIAT 124 the 125 was a global car with examples built in Argentina, Columbia, Chile and Morroco while further 125P variants with less powerful motors were built in Poland, Yugoslavia and Egypt. FIAT stopped building the 125 in 1972 but production continued elsewhere until the early 1990’s.

This particular car seen at the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival was built in 1969 and first registered in the UK on April Fools day of the same year.

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Do You Like Our Calender ? – GALPOT Automobilia

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a clear out whilst reorganising my library and the time has come to dispose of a number of items which may be of interest through my lightpress account on e-bay.

FIAT 125 'Special', Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

First up from this weeks advertisements taken from Connaissance des arts is this 1969 FIAT 125 “Special” ad. The FIAT 125 was launched in 1967, the following year a 100hp 5 speed Special was added to the range. Note some of the styling features were to be found on the smaller FIAT 124 based Zhiguli 2106. Note the influential grey shades of Claude Monet’s Waterloo Bridge in the fog paintings in the photography.

Mercedes Benz W108, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

The Mercedes Benz advertisement above features a Mercedes Benz W108 with twinned yellow headlights as were mandatory in France until 1993. The strap line approximately translates as “Your first Mercedes dice this year … WHY not!”.

Renault 16, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

Car adverts which appeal to the allure of the open road are always a hit, when I was travelling the controlled access highways or Autoroutes in France the ads actually lived up to the hype. Above a Renault 16 glides across a yet to be identified landscape in an undated ad from 1968 or later. The strap line approximately translates as “The smooth strength (of) the Renault 16 is more durable”

Rover 2000, Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

The copy of in the April 1965 Rover 2000 ad above makes mention of Rovers class winning performance in the 1965 Monte Carlo rally but makes no mention of Roger Clark the driver much less Jim Porter the co driver. The 104hp single carb Rover 2000 was not joined by the 124hp twin carb Rover 2000TC until 1966. The best I could manage with the translation of the strap line is the slightly surreal “Do you like our calender?” If you know better please do not hesitate to put me out of my surreal misery using the comments box below.

Simca 1501 "Special", Advertisement, Connaissance des arts

Finally another ad featuring low light boosted by artificial light, this Simca 1501 Special ad by the Havas Conceil agency dates from January 1969. The strap line approximately translates as “Simca 1501 Special, the for built for the Le Mans 24 hours (race) daily”


Ferrari’s First F1 Design – Ferrari 125 F2 Spec #0114

In 1948 Ferrari built his first dedicated 125 F1 Grand Prix cars known to conform with the set of rules known as formula one and entered three of them into the 1948 Italian Grand Prix, held at Valentino Park on the 5th of September. Frenchman Raymond Sommer brought his 125 F1 home in third place. The Ferrari 125 WAS NOT however the first Ferrari ever to be entered in a race run to formula one regulations.

Ferrari 125, Donington Museum

The 125 F1 shared it’s 1.5 litre / 91.5 cui super charged V12 engine design, by Giocchino Colombo, with earlier successful Ferrari sports cars including the 166 series and the 125S series.

 Ferrari 125, Donington Museum

This particular chassis thought to have been built in 1949 for the factory racing team, appears to have been successfully raced with a normally aspirated 2 litre / 122 cui Colombo V12 to conform to the second tier Formula Two regulations in 1951 by Englishman Peter Whitehead in Europe and Australasia.

Ferrari 125, Donington Museum

During the late 1950’s this chassis had a Chevy V8 installed which was replaced by a remanufactured 2 litre V12 when Tom Wheatcroft had it restored in the 1970’s for his Donington Collection where these photographs were taken.

The 125 F1 was not a great success against the older Alfa Romeo’s, which led Ferrari to build his next formula one cars with larger unsupercharged engines with which one of his cars would win Ferrari’s first championship formula one race in 1951.

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