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Ferrari Friday – Silver Jubilee Silverstone Classic

Welcome to another Ferrari Friday edition of “Gettin’ a l’il psycho on tyres” this week brought to you from last month’s Silver Jubilee Silverstone Classic.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Silverstone Classic,

There were plenty of disguised Ferrari’s present such as this 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 chassis #16643 which left the factory as a 2+2 Berlinetta and was converted into a Spyder in 1988, this car is reported to have recently been upgraded with a Traffic Master tracker, Autowatch immobiliser and iPod stereo connection.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Silverstone Classic,

Still carrying it’s original Scaglietti 2+2 Berlinetta body above is the 1970 365 GTB/4 chassis #13775 that was owned by “20th Century Boy” Marc Bolan who famously never learned to drive fearing premature death only to be tragically killed when a passenger in a Purple Mini 1275GT driven by his partner in 1977.

Ferrari 275 GTS, Silverstone Classic

Another Ferrari with a famous owner is the 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS chassis #07395 seen above which once belonged to 1980 Australian Formula One world champion Alan Jones.

Ferrari 250 GT SWB, Halusa/Halusa, Silverstone Classic

Also no longer carrying the body it left the factory with is the famous 250 GT SWB chassis #2819 which Count Volponi had hastily converted to a GTO spec with Breadvan body by Giotto Bizzarini and other ex Ferrari personnel. The car was shared by L & N Halusa and is seen during qualifying for the Sunday TT race in which it finished 17th from 16th on the grid.

Ferrari 250 GTE, Silverstone Classic

I have not yet been able to discern a chassis number for the 1961 Ferrari 250 GTE above, if you know it don’t hesitate to chime in below.

Ferrari 250 GTE, Silverstone Classic

The replicated TR body above also sits on a V12 250 GTE which I believe is the 1963 chassis #4873.

Ferrari 246S, Gregor Fiskin, Silverstone Classic

Finally congratulations to Gregor Fisken who is seen above dancing the, GALPOT site banner car, 246S #0784 through Chapel on his way to a win in the Stirling Moss Trophy.

Thanks for joining me on this Ferrari Friday edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres, I hope you will join me tomorrow for more highlights from the Silver Jubilee Silverstone Classic. Don’t forget to come back now !


Classic Ferrari Racers – Silverstone Classic

Welcome to GALPOT’s Ferrari Friday blog coming from last weeks Silverstone Classic with six of the Maranello cars that appeared on track.

Ferrari 246 Dino, Tony Smith, Maserati Centenary Trophy, Silverstone Classic

Tony Smith drove his Ferrari 246 Dino to a 6th place finish in the Maserati Centenary Race for pre ’61 Grand Prix Cars.

Ferrari 246S, Bobby Verdon Roe, Stirling Moss Trophy, Silverstone Classic

Above Bobby Verdon-Roe exits the pits having just taken over the #46 Ferrari 246S from it’s owner Nick Leventis prior to finishing third in the Stirling Moss Trophy.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Tim Summers, Silverstone Classic

I first set eyes on Tim Summers #70 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 33 years ago at Silverstone. At the time I knew little about it other than it was apparently sponsored by the Swedish air force. Turns out that just like all the other competition Daytona’s it was converted from a road car but unlike most of the others this was not done until 1977 by Swede Ulf “Barbarossa” Bohman in Varberg. I look forward to writing a blog on the car in the not too distant future.

Ferrari 512M, Knapfield / Campbell Walker, Silverstone Classic

The sight and sound of Paul Knapfield making up for early lost time in his Ferrari 512M was breath taking the crisp 5 litre / 302 cui V12 has few audio challengers. After dropping from 5th in the opening laps to 18th Paul and FIA Endurance Champion co driver Jamie Campbell Walker climbed all the way back up to 8th at the end of the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Race, two places better than the position in which they started.

Ferrari F40 LM R, Stephani Sebastiani, Silverstone Classic

On the 13th of November 2004 Stefano Sebastiani, Jacopo Sebastiani, and Richard Jones drove a UK road registered Ferrari F40, J 848 JUY, prepared by Simpson Engineering in the Vallelunga 6 Hours. I believe the car seen above may be that same car taking part in the GT demonstration. There is only one #10 car listed in the programme and that was a Marcos so I have no idea who was at the wheel of the F40.

Ferrari 550 Maranello, Silverstone Classic

Finally I believe the #10 Ferrari 550 Maranello above taking part in the same GT demonstration session might have been driven by Boris Derichebourg, David Terrien and Christian Pescatori in the FIA GT Championship race run in Barcelona on the 6th of June 2003, though if it is the same car it has gained a few vents in the bonnet/hood and rear wing/fender while loosing a brake cooling duct in front of the rear wheel.

If you know who was driving either the #10 F40 or #10 550 Maranello in the GT Demonstrations at Silverstone Classic please do not hesitate to chip in below.

Thanks for joining me on this “Classic Ferrari Racers” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow for a look at some Jaguars, don’t forget to come back now !


Dino Remembered – Ferrari 246S #0784

At the end of 1955 Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari proposed the idea of building a twin over head cam 1.5 litre / 91.5 cui V6 motor for use in second tier open wheel Formula 2 racing to his father Enzo. Soon afterwards ‘Dino’ was hospitalised with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, while in hospital ‘Dino’ discussed the technical details of his idea with legendary engineer Vittorio Jano.

Jano translated his disscusions with ‘Dino’ into what would become the first ‘Dino’ V6 which was used in Formula 2 races in 1957, by which time ‘Dino’ had fatally succumbed to his illness.

The motor had the two banks of cylinders unusually inclined at 65 degrees by 1958 a larger version of the ‘Dino’ V6 had been installed in Ferrari’s Grand Prix cars and used by Mike Hawthorn to win the 1958 World Drivers Championship.

A 2 litre / 122 cui version of the ‘Dino’ engine was installed in a sports car, s/n #0740, for Peter Collins to drive at Goodwood in the 1958 Sussex trophy where he came 2nd. The sports car was indistinguishable from the older Fantusi bodied 250TR apart from the 3 twin choke carburetors sticking out of the bonnet /hood where the larger engined 250 TR had 6.

Ferrari 246S, Bobby Verdon-Roe, Siverstone Classic

Several more variations of the Dino V6’s were built and raced including single over head cam versions with 60 degree inclinations between the cylinders. #0784 seen here in the hands of Bobby Verdon Roe at the Silverstone Classic was the last of the 246S models to be built in 1959.

#0784 was fitted with a twin cam V6 and uniquely with Formula One derived independent rear suspension. On it’s debut Phil Hill and Graf Berghe ‘Taffy’ von Trips drove this chassis into second place in the 1960 Targa Florio. This would remain the cars best result despite the best efforts Richie Ginther, Ludovico Scarfiotti, Ed Hugus, Alan, Cornell jr, Ricardo & Pedro Rodriguez, and Bob Grossman.

In 1962 the car was fitted with the high tail body seen on the car today. Among it’s many owners since the 1960’s was Nick Mason’s friend and Pink Floyd Manager Steve O’Rourke who was briefly the custodian of #0784 in 1997. More recently in 2009 Bobby Verdon Rowe and Nick Leventis took this 246S to victory lane in a one hour race at the Goodwood revival in 2009.

Thanks for joining me on the Dino V6 edition of ‘Gettin’ a lil’ psycho on tyres’ I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !